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Decking board in hardwood ipe with assembly clips

Ipe decking 1.9 x 14.0 cm

IPE  Wood click system
Deck fastening Long lengths
Length: 90cm to 2,10 m1
Free: Screws + Clips
Decking board made of ipe hardwood with assembly clips Best selling

IPE decking 2.1 x 14.0 cm

IPE Wood click system
Deck fastening Mixed lengths
Length: Mixed
Free: Screws + Clips

IPE decking 2.1 x 14.0 cm

IPE Wood click system
Deck fastening Long lengths
Length: 90cm to 2.70 m1
Free: Screws + Clips
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Ipe decking 2.1 x 14.0 cm

Deck fastening Long lengths
Length: 3.40 up to 3.95 m1
Free: Screws + Clips
Ipe decking boards with clips made for every terrace

IPE decking 2.5 x 14.0 cm

IPE Wood click system
Deck fastening Mixed lengths
Length:  1.00 + 1.75 m1
Free: Screws + Clips
Up-down - LED

Lighting LED

Lighting 2 models
Fast assembly In wall or fence
Model: Spots + up-down
Free: Delivery

calculation tool

Step-by-step, calculate and assemble what you need

Calculating tool

Ipe joists for decking in the size 4.0 x 6.0 cm

Ipe joists 4.0 x 6.0 cm

IPE - Joists  Deck framing
 Very luxurious Lengths 2.10 m1
Thickness: 4.0 cm
With: 6.0 cm
Ipe hardwood decking oiled

Oil for hardwood decks

IPE  oil Starter kit
 Anti-grey  Complete set
Thickness: Any
Width: Any
Length: Any
Free: Delivery
greyed ipe hardwood

Ipe wood degreaser

IPE - degreaser Starter kit
 Anti-grey  Complete set
Thickness: Any
Width: Any
Length: Any
Free: Delivery
Ipe - firepit table

Fire pit table

Fire pit table Wood click system
Module Made to measure
W x L: 1.15 m1
Free: Assembly
Seat pit made of ipe hardwood

Sitting pit or garden bench

 Sitting pit Wood click system
Modules Made to measure
Length: Send a drawing
Free: Assembly

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Decking of ipe wood with clip assembly

All joists, decking boards, screws, woven ground covers and foundation posts together

Are you going to build a scaffold or deck professionally or semi-professionally? For example in the garden or on a balcony? Or would you like to make a deck in front of your caravan at the camp site? You can make decking in various sizes. A one square metre deck under a outdoor shower, a slightly larger one for the caravan porch at the campsite, a bridge deck or an even larger one for your boat? Whatever you have in mind, you can make it with our affordable hardwood. Do you want a round or a different shape decking? With hardwood you can make anything. 


Remember that a solid foundation is essential. Building a shed or a house without a good foundation will never last. Always ask yourself: how do I build a decking? We have the solution for you on our website or we can advise you by phone. Download our assembly instructions and compare them with the floor plan. Hardwood Discount always offers beautiful and affordable decking and scaffolding boards.

A deck can be built in various affordable ways. Everything starts with a plan of action, always make a clear concept sketch and a step-by-step plan. How do I build a deck and how do I use the decking components? Check out our assembly manual for affordable and sustainable ideas. This manual offers you useful tips and tricks to realise your project. Here you can find a construction manual for a decking. You can easily download a plan from our website. Build your deck in an affordable way and follow our advice carefully. The calculator shows the lowest price for building a decking, an affordable end result is guaranteed.

Planning for building a deck

If you have a clear idea of how and where your constructional decking should be built, you have probably read in our assembly instructions that decking boards should be screwed to a beam. Whether you are going to build a decking on your balcony or a scaffold wooden decking, it is essential that the hardwood decking boards are fastened as one unit with enough screws and bolts.

On a concrete surface, such as a balcony, you can immediately start laying wooden or hardwood tiles without using a substructure. You can buy standard hardwood tiles, but we recommend that you make them yourself. By attaching several wide floorboards together, you create a good construction for your decking. You can decide for yourself how big you want the tiles and the final terrace to be. You actually create several small decking boards that together form a large decking. This way you use the space for the deck in the most efficient way and the decking parts together form a beautiful unit.

If you choose to use hardwood decking boards in your garden to build a wooden deck, it will be necessary to build a substructure first. You can do this by placing hardwood beams on the ground and using these as a base to screw the floorboards on to. We recommend that you put the hardwood posts in the ground about every metre. This will give the entire decking, scaffolding or terrace much more stability. Furthermore, we do not recommend placing a tile under the pole. The tile could easily sink in and this would cause the decking parts to "bounce" when you stand on it.

Building a scaffold?

Building a deck in the form of a scaffold is more complicated. Long poles, often a lot thicker, have to be placed in the water. The use of round poles is not very convenient, because it is much easier to attach a beam to a square pole, while a round pole has to be notched to allow the beam to fit properly on the pole. The length and thickness of the post are determined by the soil composition and the depth of the water. The guiding principle is usually: the longer the pile, the stronger and thicker it must be. Often two-thirds of the pile's length is in the ground.

After assembling the piles or posts, the beams can be installed horizontally. They must be secured with lock bolts. The thickness of the scaffolding board is determined by the width and the distance between the posts. The larger the span, the thicker the hardwood will be. Sometimes an extra beam has to be installed in the middle under the decking to make the construction very stable. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities! The hardwood decking components are screwed onto the beams. Always use two or three screws to secure the hardwood decking. This helps to keep deformation to a minimum. A common mistake is using too few screws.

Pay close attention to our assembly instructions so that you can enjoy your work for years to come. It is becoming more and more common to use smooth decking, a bridge deck without a profile or mounted with the smooth side facing upwards. A decking board with an anti-slip groove gets dirty quicker and formation of algae will occur more quickly. Water will remain in the grooves for a longer period and dirt will build up. This is much more unlikely to happen with smooth floorboards. So, are you going to build a terrace, decking or scaffold? Consider carefully how you are going to install it and which decking profile you should use. By installing wide decking boards you will save time during installation because it will go faster since you need less boards in total.

At Hardwood Discount we limit the choices so you don't have to worry about the quality and price. All you have to do is make the right choice when it comes to profile and colour. We will take all the worries out off your hands and guide you online from start to finish. After all, at the end of the day you just want to have a beautiful decking board for your garden terrace, caravan porch or balcony. Of course, we deliver everything directly from our online shop to your home, within 7 working days. You can make anything from wood, for example, you can build a docking station, an outdoor shower or an outdoor terrace, you name it. With our large assortment, you can achieve any desired result.

Options for decking

There are a number of guiding principles for building a decking. You can find information on building a decking on our website. The foundation on which the decking is built determines the weight of the construction. The decking, which will be placed on a flat surface such as concrete, cannot be hammered into the ground with foundation piles. For a concrete foundation, it is recommended to screw the piles to the concrete. For constructions in the garden with a sandy soil, we recommend using small piles as foundation. Depending on the composition of the soil, you should use longer posts, but in general, a post with a length of 60 cm to 1.5 m is sufficient. For a sandy soil, such as a caravan awning or in the garden, we recommend using a foundation post for a stable result. 

A pillar or beam is screwed horizontally to these posts. Normally, the centre-to-centre distance of a beam is approximately 40 cm. This way, the decking board does not have too much of a free-hanging span. This prevents the wood from sagging or curving. The thickness of the wooden floor board is usually 21 mm. Thicker boards of 25 mm or 28 mm thickness ensure an even stronger end result. For thicker parts with anti-slip or scaffolding boards the price per metre increases because you use more wood. However, it is possible to increase the centre-to-centre distance of the under-sills for these thicker boards. This will save you some money. 

We recommend that you include the electrical wiring in the design sketch made at the beginning. It's never a bad idea to install an additional power source. Don't forget to mention them all in the design sketch. If you do another application in the future, it will be easier to find where to fit a circuit board. It is not easy to install a power source afterwards because you would have to dismount part of the terrace.

Good to know for the deck’s location:

  • Deck orientation to the northeast: Sun in the morning and evening, mainly shade in the afternoon.
  • Deck orientation to the southwest:  Sun from afternoon until late evening.
  • Deck orientation to the south: The best location with often the most sun hours, from morning until late evening.

Large selection

Choose a beautiful hardwood decking board or a more affordable alternative in the form of larch or Douglas fir. They are also available as smooth or non-slip decking boards. Most hardwood decking boards come from Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. The very favourable strength properties and high durability are not found in every hardwood species. Hardwood Discount has great knowledge and experience about all the products we offer online. We ensure that you can buy the best materials at the best prices. We make the decision a lot easier for you, so you only have to decide which colour and which width of decking you want. Will you be choosing for a wide decking board or smaller parts, a scaffolding board or anti-slip board? We have everything in stock in our warehouse. Our calculator and construction instructions ensure that you always get the best and cheapest result. Rain, sun and air can cause the wood to turn grey. If you want to prevent this, you will have to treat the wood with special oil or varnish. This gives extra protection to the wood in every season.

Do not forget to order fasteners such as bolts and screws. Finish off with a braided ground cover under the floor boards. Besides floorboards Hardwood Discount also provides fences, garden fences and wood for building a partial roof or summerhouse. On our website you will find a complete and customer-friendly overview of our assortment which you can easily filter by preference.

You can choose from various decking boards to build a deck. All the hardwood we offer has a long lifespan. The hardwood will certainly last 20 years or more. Larch and Douglas wood are less durable types of wood. They usually last about 10 to 15 years. Spruce or Scots pine only last 3 years, so in short, Hardwood or Douglas wood are the best choice for building a decking that you can enjoy for as long as possible. You can also choose between Bankirai decking or ipe decking, these types of wood are also widely used.

Wood in the ground is damaged much faster than wood used above the ground. The different soil compositions in England can have a negative or positive influence on the durability of the decking.

Hardwood has a more dense structure than Oak or Douglas fir, which increases its weight and durability.

Durability class


Life expectancy


Tropical hardwood decking boards durable

At least 25 years


Tropical hardwood decking boards

+/- 15 - 25 years


Oak decking boards are moderately durable

+/- 10 - 15 years


Lariks and Douglas decking boards are less durable

+/- 5 - 10 years


No products available on hardwood discount online BV

Up to 5 years or less

The Hardwood Discount Calculator calculates exactly how many posts, floor boards, beams, bolts, screws and braided ground cover you need to build a beautiful decking. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us by telephone or online. We are happy to give you advice on decking without obligation.

Why decking boards from Hardwood Discount?

We only supply wooden floor boards which fall within the EU legislation (EUTR). Hardwood Discount consciously chooses sustainability, this is one of the main focuses within our company. We do not only guarantee high quality but also strive for the best customer service. We promote sustainably produced wood and do not buy any wood that falls outside the EUTR legislation. We audit sawmills in Africa, Brazil and Europe to ensure that all decking supplied is produced within the law and regulations. The Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) has proven control over legal logging. All our foreign products have the certificate 'Sustainable Forest Management'. We work closely with the producer, also to check the working conditions of the employees and the policy of the producer, a matter which is very important to us.

Easy to order online

Build a nice terrace with our terrace boards, you can order them very easily. In our online shop you can find everything for your garden and/or terrace. Payment is easy and very safe. You can choose to pay with iDeal, Visa, Mastercard or AfterPay. We deliver all ordered wood to your home, at your doorstep. The Dutch Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certificate and the General Terms and Conditions of Thuiswinkel give the customer many more guarantees than the law provides. We want satisfied customers and would like to see you back for new orders. Promote us to your friends and acquaintances.

Free sample

Would you like to receive a free sample? This could be to compare the different types of wood for a deck, because every type of wood has a different weight, structure and colour. Compare our decking boards and be your own judge. You can request a sample online and we will deliver it for free to your home.

Opening times hardwood Discount

Hardwood Discount is open on workdays from 8:00 a.m. until 17:00 p.m. but is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Do you have any further questions after visiting our online shop? Please send us an email.