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Dutch law applies to all warranty terms and conditions. 
You buy at Hardhout Discount Netherlands.
We have no company based in the UK. 

  • Additional explanation: Only use our materials
    If you decide to make a decking or fence and do not purchase all products from us, your warranty on the product you purchased will be voided. Combining different types of wood or other materials in a project can lead to problems with different products interacting with each other. For example, if different types of wood with different wood densities and moisture absorptions are combined, the resulting product may expand and contract unevenly with changes in temperature and humidity. This can lead to cracks, warping or cracking of the wood. At no time is Hardwood Discount responsible for this. 

    - We advise customers to process the garden wood immediately after delivery. After all, wood is a natural product. When stored in (hot) garages or in the sun, there is a high chance of the wood working. Ipe wood is stable wood, but only if it has been stored conditioned or if it has been assembled. If (ipe) hardwood is properly screwed/processed according to the regulations, then deformation will hardly occur.

    - Warranty on all our wood products is 1 calendar year after delivery. Outside this period, there is no warranty claim. On non-wood products, the warranty is 2 years.

    - The warranty expires if our products are used for purposes other than their intended use. Example: Using a decking board as a fence board. 
    Example: Using garden wood not outside but rather inside.
    Example: If you have not bought all the materials from us for your project.

    - No guarantee in case of ageing and wear and tear. 
    Example: patio boards that age due to exposure to UV radiation, or natural cracking of wood are not covered by the warranty. 

    - Our items are intended for private use and not for business or public intensive applications, therefore warranty only for private use.

    - To maintain the guarantee, always complete the construction (such as a fence, decking or canopy) from all materials offered by Hardhout Discount. At a decking, canopy or fence, there are several parts/materials, which are required to build this. The guarantee expires, if other types of materials are applied and if a combination of materials are applied that are not supplied by Hardhout Discount. 

    Example: Decking planks purchased from Hardhout Discount and elsewhere the substructure (under beams) to mount the decking planks to.
    Example: Not using the clips and screws we supplied with the shipment.
    Example: The decking or fence is not mounted according to the construction instructions. 

    In the above examples, the guarantee is void. 
    We only give guarantee on complete total (end) products, not on the purchase of individual parts.

  • - When processing garden wood products (such as a garden shed, patio, fence, bank reinforcement or veranda), the soil often serves as a base. Locally occurring soft clay, sand layers, soil elevations and/or oxidising peat layers and the like can corrode the wood and construction over time. The composition of the soil and thus the deterioration of wood therefore varies. Any liability or warranty is excluded. 

    - Damage due to subsidence of a self-installed construction is not covered by the guarantee. Oxidation of fasteners, as well as storm and water damage are excluded from the guarantee. We describe how to assemble a product. If it is assembled in a way that differs from our instructions, the warranty will be voided. 

    Many of our fixing materials such as mounting clips and screws are made of stainless steel. 

    - Chlorine and stainless steel
    Stainless steel has one obvious weakness and that is its poor corrosion resistance to chlorine. Very many substances that contain chlorine, e.g. table salt (sodium chloride/ brine), hydrochloric acid, magnesium chloride, chlorine bleach lye (sodium hypochlorite) and many other products that contain chlorine affect stainless steel. So does chlorine-containing pool water, or salt water pools or seawater.

    - Salt and stainless steel
    Lots of substances like salt that contain chlorine affect stainless steel. As a result, stainless steel has a natural poor resistance to chlorine. 

    Any form of warranty is voided if chlorine or salt comes into contact with our fixing materials like the mounting clips, screws or other steel or stainless steel materials we sell.

    Example: Placing the posts or lower beams further apart than we specify.
    Example: Planks mounted with a floating overhang. The end of a plank should meet a beam/pile. The boards should not protrude.
    Example: Always turn the screw fully through the recess of the clip tightly into the wood, so that the underside of the clip is clamped to the wood being screwed to. If the screw is not fully tightened, the mounting clip is not firmly seated and the wood is not properly clamped. This can cause the wood to move and deform. Only with correct assembly can the mounting clip and screw hold the wood in place with the correct force.
    Example: The mounting clip must be fully clamped into the rebate of the boards. The mounting clip is the spacer. If the distance between the wood is greater than the thickness of the clip, the wood is not clamped in properly and the clip will not be able to absorb the force of the wood. 
    Example: Decking boards not clamped at the end. If the boards can move (especially lengthwise), there is always a risk of the decking (click system) coming apart. Screw 2 or more screws obliquely into the rebate at the last plank in a row. Then all boards are firmly clamped in place. And place an edge trim of wood around the decking. 

    Of course, you can also use a concrete edge or wall as an edge trim or bumper. All in all, the decking should be tightly clamped on 4 sides to prevent the natural deformation of the wood. 

    For the above examples, the warranty lapses on all our products that have not been assembled correctly and/or according to our instructions. 

    - You must not have made any changes to the product and/or used the product for purposes for which it is not intended. 

    - If we proceed with payment, it always applies that we only reimburse the items sold by us and no third-party costs, no consequential costs and/or assembly costs. If we deliver new wood as a warranty solution, the standard warranty period for this new wood is 1 year. If we agree on a financial payment, no new warranty or claim can subsequently be submitted. Final discharge is then applicable. 

    - The warranty period always starts on the day of receipt of the purchased product.

    - Hardhout Discount guarantees that the products and / or services meet the agreement, the specifications listed in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability and on the date of the conclusion of the agreement existing legal provisions and / or government regulations.

    The products delivered by Hardhout Discount may concern natural products. The natural products are subject to weather influences and may therefore include cracks, tears and discolouration. However, deviations in colour, thickness, width and quality do not mean that the delivered goods do not comply with the agreement. Read more details about wood properties on the page characteristics of wood.
    On all non-wood products, such as steel doors, metal frames, etc., a warranty period of 2 years applies. These are all indoor products and not suitable for outdoor applications. 
    No guarantee can or will be given on glass. 
    The guarantee period always starts on the day of delivery. 
    Guarantee claims can only be made in case of sound use, private use.
    No guarantee on steel products in which a fracture occurs, cracks or the like. Strong products such as steel only deform due to external influences. This does not impair the product.
    The guarantee on pivot hinges or soft-close systems for steel doors is only valid if they are undamaged. 
    No guarantee on externally damaged hinges or softclose systems.
    - Hardhout Discount is not obliged to pay any direct or indirect damages to the consumer or others, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Hardhout Discount or unless there is a non-conformity.