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Black steel doors

Calculator steel doors


Black steel doors are easy to order at Hardwood Discount. We have developed a handy calculation tool where you can fill in or select the dimensions and models. Black steel doors can be mounted in homes, commercial buildings or in a veranda.

  • All steel doors are identical on 2 side
  • Extra narrow profiles are used for a more beautiful end result
  • Powder coating gives a hard-wearing and maintenance-free finish
  • Door hinges are professional quality
  • Including assembly video

For a door the dimensions are corrected including the necessary space for the adjustable hinge (the door itself is therefore slightly smaller). We deliver a complete steel door and/or steel window as a kit to your home. Easy to assemble, watch our assembly video for tips and tricks. We do not install, also not necessary, because you can easily do it yourself. This also saves you a lot of money. The delivery time is usually about 4 weeks after the order.

Calculator steel doors


A black steel interior door with glass can be made with different compartments in which glass is fitted. We give you the choice of 2 compartments, 3 compartments, 4 compartments or 5 compartments as a model. It is also possible to deviate from the standard model. We can also offer other models, but you will have to pay a surcharge. After all, our production is set up in such a way that we have made material and moulds for these standard variants.

Our steel or iron is transformed into a steel black door by skilled specialists. We would like to explain the steps in our production process. It actually starts with you, the customer. You visit our site and start working with our calculator. In a number of steps, you can easily make all the choices you find important, and you will immediately see the price change of the choices you make because black steel doors are built from a standard black steel door model. A steel door black is the basic model, after that you can choose between 1 or more steel doors black. Of course there is also the possibility to choose a different, so-called ral colour. The most common non-standard colours we have marked as an option, so that you do not have to choose a standard black steel door. Your taste is the deciding factor in colour. The choice in the model gives you as standard black steel doors, you can change the model.

A black steel door is now the trend, but a black steel door frame can also be part of the trend. A steel door frame in black or in another colour is possible with the steel doors black. Depending on the door model that you choose, you do not have to order a steel door frame in black. This is and remains an option in the menu of the calculator. With a steel pivot door a steel doorframe in black is not necessary, it is possible but not necessary. This is because a pivot door can turn 2 sides, you can compare it with a swing door, this hinges to two sides, with this difference that a swing door has the hinges on the side of the door and a pivot door is mounted at the top and bottom, so it works without side hinges. With the steel doors black as a sliding door is often no frame necessary. This is because the steel sliding door slides in front of the frame or wall. As a result, the door opening is larger and the production system is different to that of a swing or folding door.

We have designed our production process so that our black steel door price is low. As mentioned earlier, we make all steel doors in-house, which enables us to keep costs low. We have also optimised the construction of our steel doors and designed them so that we can make more efficient use of the time and materials involved. We coat the doors close by, which means that we do not have to incur any additional costs.


We have chosen to powder-coat all our steel interior and exterior doors. Powder coating has a number of advantages over wet painting or spraying a steel door. Here are the advantages of powder coating. Coating steel is a process of applying electricity to the metal and spraying a fine mist of powder in any colour on the product. The static electricity causes the powder to adhere to the material. By sliding the steel with powder into an oven, the powder melts solidly onto the metal.

This adhesion is so strong that even a hammer blow will not remove the powder coat. Powder coating is wear-resistant, weather-resistant and easy to clean. Wet coating or spraying steel is not as strong, is more sensitive to scratches, and requires more maintenance. Powder coating steel doors only offers advantages, which is why we have chosen it.

Black steel doors