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Bankirai (also known as bangkirai) timber is available in all shapes and sizes. It is supplied as planks, beams or planed decking. When processed, bankirai garden wood is still yellow to grey-brown in colour. During the drying process and under the influence of sunlight it turns red-brown. Bankirai feels rather stiff and is a very hard and not flexible wood.


The wood comes from the Shorea laevis tree. This tree grows mainly in Southeast Asia. The trees grow to a length of 60 metres high. The hardwood that is imported into the Netherlands comes mainly from the islands of Sabah and Sarawak. This durable wood is highly resistant to fungus and insect attack. The wood we use in the Netherlands has in most cases already been squared, planed or profiled. Bankirai has a long life.


Because the quality of bankirai has declined sharply in recent years, we no longer consider it a good product. We only sell the best wood, IPE hardwood is the best choice. This quality has been consistent and high for decades. IPE decking, IPE modern fence or IPE modern gates, we have it all. 


Bankirai is used fairly widely in the garden. For example, you have bankirai decking boards or fences. The wood is also very suitable for making architectural works such as bridges, bridge decks, bridge railings, sound barriers and waterfront finishes. The wood is not suitable for garden furniture. This is because it gives off as soon as it gets damp. Bankirai is one of the many hardwoods at Hardwood Discount, perhaps you would like to know more about the possibilities of hardwood. Then you can always contact us.


Bankirai lends itself not so well for various ways of finishing. Gluing this type of wood is usually problematic. Other ways of finishing the surface are also not easy. If you want to finish bankirai with varnish or paint, this can immediately lead to problems. If you want to give bankirai wood a clear colour, there is a great risk that discolouration will quickly occur. If there are very small cracks on the surface, this can quickly lead to peeling off in the wind and weather. It is therefore logical that it is applied when finishing - in any way - is not necessary.


Bangkirai is a durable wood species that is, so to speak, highly resistant to fungus and insect attack. This durability makes this wood species popular as a construction material. The material can be used for bankirai posts, waterworks, parts of bridges, heavy garden furniture or for beams bankirai.but of course also for garden wood bankirai. For those who are curious about the technical properties, we have explained some of them below:

  • bankirai has the durability class: II-III heartwood, which means that it is chemically resistant
  • bankirai has a density of 950 kg/m³
  • a bending strength of 131 N/mm²
  • a compressive strength of 71 N/mm²
  • an endurance of 9660 N
  • a longitudinal hardness of 7300 N
  • the radial shrinkage is 1 - 1.1 %.
  • the tangential shrinkage is 1.9 - 2.5 %.
  • wood effect: 2.9 - 3.6 %.

Currently, garden wood bankirai is a collective term for different types of wood. Botanically Balau and Selangan are a mixture of a number of Shorea species. And they have quite different properties. The heavier species are more resistant to fungus and insect attack. The large spread in properties can in some cases lead to ambiguity. Therefore, the volumetric mass is determined for the Selangan Batu. What does this density indicate? It is the ratio between the weight and the moisture content.


Bankirai also has other names such as Yellow balau, Selangan batu no. 1, Damar Laut, Benuas.
Growing region Southeast Asia. Is mainly imported from the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.
The trees from the Shorea species group are 35-40 metres high, with a maximum of 60 metres, depending on the species and place of growth. Older trees often have 1-3 metre high root systems. The branch-free trunks are generally straight, round and up to 20-25 metres long and have a diameter of 0.6-0.8 metres up to a maximum of 2 metres.


Freshly cut the heartwood of bangkirai is yellow to grey-brown in colour, sometimes with a reddish tint. In daylight the wood turns quickly to brown and then only slowly to dark brown. The white to light brown coloured sapwood clearly stands out from the heartwood and is 20-70 mm wide. Balau has a fine and even structure and usually has a strong crossgrain, which creates a clear stripe pattern on the radial or quartered surface. Apart from occasional pin holes, small hair pockets and a few surface cracks, the wood is practically free from defects.


Despite its great hardness, balau can be shortened, sawn and planed quite well. Due to the cross grain, many indentations can occur when planing quarter-sawn surfaces. A well-chosen rake angle can improve this. Bankirai wood from Hardwood Discount is carefully processed and delivered.


Very slow drying is recommended. Although the shrinkage of bangkirai is stated as moderate, bankirai hardwood has a distinct tendency to surface and end cracks especially when exposed to the sun and if dried too quickly. It should be dried very slowly and carefully.

  • Pre-drilling is necessary when nailing and screwing.
  • Bangkirai is widely available in our country
  • Durability
  • Class Il-IIl
  • Specific gravity
  • Bangkirai is hard and heavy


You can apply hardwood bankirai in the following products: bankirai sheet piling, bankirai poles, bankirai beams, bankirai fencing, bankirai garden poles, bankirai decking boards but of course much more is possible in bankirai planed. Are you curious about the price of this specific type of wood? And do you wonder if bankirai is cheap? Unfortunately the answer is no. For cheaper alternatives you should think of Azobe, angelim or our other types of wood from Brazil or Africa.


Sometimes the wood contains a water-soluble gum. This gum can occasionally cause brown stains (bleeding) on underlying work. Contact with steel causes blackening of the wood and therefore all joints should be made of stainless steel.


Hardwood bankirai has recently been downgraded in durability class: from class 1 to class 2. Bangkirai is a collective name for several wood species. Because there is too much mixing with other species, the quality deteriorates rapidly. Also, the prices of bankirai wood are much higher compared to other types of wood. If everyone supplied 100% real and pure bankirai, this would not be a problem. But unfortunately this is not the case with many other companies. 

Since Hardwood Discount therefore no longer can deliver the quality and durability that we guarantee, we carry no bankirai hardwood in our range. We offer perfect alternatives of top quality. Most of the boards we offer come from Brazil, such as the woods Mandioqueira, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Ipe and many other wood species that meet the strict requirements we set for our products. In this way, we always strive for the best price-quality ratio.

When you choose bankirai hardwood for example bankirai sheet piling, bankirai poles or bankirai decking, also consider our extensive range of alternative wood species and our planed beams and poles. Of course do not forget the fasteners such as bolts and screws and make it complete by applying anti-root cloth. Besides decking boards Hardwood Discount also provides wooden fences, garden fences and wood for building a roof or gazebo. On our site you will find a complete and customer-friendly overview of our assortment.


You can choose from various cheap floorboards in 21 or 25 mm thickness. Our decking boards in hardwood always have a durability class 1 or 2, this stands for very durable wood with a long life span, the wood lasts 20 years or more. Larch and Douglas floorboards fall under the category floorboards cheap, in durability class 3. This means that it is a moderately durable timber species which can last 10 to 15 years. In comparison, spruce or pine fall in durability class 5. Wood is divided into 5 durability classes, the higher the class the faster it rots in outdoor use. Various soil types in the Netherlands can have a detrimental effect on the durability. Durability class 1 is for example Azobé and Oak is in class 2-3.

The increased durability of this type of wood is due to the high percentage of heartwood that is formed. Unlike sapwood, heartwood has favourable durable properties. The heartwood contains resin and hardens over time. Fungus, which can eventually lead to rotting of the wood, has less grip on the wood because of these properties and therefore it lasts longer. Usually, the weight of the wood is an important indicator of the durability of the product. Compare a hardwood beam with a non-hardwood beam. You will be amazed at the difference in weight. Hardwood has a denser structure than oak or Douglas fir, which increases its weight and durability.


1 - very durable - 25 years or longer
2 - durable - 15 - 25 years
3 - moderately durable - 10 - 15 years
4 - slightly durable - 5 - 10 years
5 - not durable - 5 years or shorter

Read our tips for building bankirai decking, bankirai sheet piling, bankirai beams, bankirai fencing, bankirai garden poles, bankirai decking boards, bankirai fence, bankirai decking boards, garden poles bankirai, decking boards bankirai but of course much more is possible in bankirai planed. Is bankirai cheap? Unfortunately not. For cheaper alternatives you should think of Azobe, Angelim or our other wood species from Brazil and Africa.

For information about bankirai you can always contact us. Of course you can also use our calculator to work out exactly how many posts, decking boards, beams, bolts and screws you will need. We will then calculate everything together. When you order bankirai products online you don't want to go to the local building site or timber store again for the last few parts. If you use our calculator, you will be 100% sure that you will not be short of any parts!


Hardwood Discount has besides bankirai planking, bankirai beams, bankirai sheet piling, bankirai poles, bankirai fence, bankirai garden poles, bankirai decking, bankirai decking boards many other alternatives that are just as durable only a lot cheaper. People sometimes search for cheap bankirai on the internet, unfortunately this is not possible. If you want 100% real and pure bankirai then the search term 'cheap bankirai' is unfortunately not applicable.

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