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Build a modern veranda from wood

Nowadays, everyone wants a beautiful modern wooden veranda at home. A beautiful place adjacent to your home where you can relax with a book or magazine in a lounge set or enjoy long evenings with family or friends.

When the interior of your house has a modern style, you also want your veranda to look modern. By implementing this style in a sleek modern veranda at home, you create a connection between life inside and life outside. It will also create extra space and be a place where you will spend a lot of time in the summer. But with the right facilities, it can be a place you can enjoy all year round. Think of a heater or even a fireplace to warm you up on cold days and walls you can slide shut to protect you from the wind and weather.

A modern veranda extension can, of course, be made by others, but it is also easy to build one yourself. This does not only save on costs, but also gives a lot of satisfaction from your work.

Possibilities of a modern veranda

Modern verandas can be realised in many different ways. Do you for example want a steel veranda with only a wooden roof or should the frame of the veranda be made of wood and do you want a wooden roof with tiles or reed?

It is also important to think carefully about the location of the modern living veranda. People often place this next to the doors of the house to the outside or on the spot where you look from the house into the garden. But how does the sun shine on this spot in your garden and are you sheltered from the wind? All things which influence the ultimate comfort you will have when sitting on a veranda.

Therefore, you should also consider other places in your garden as a possible location for your veranda. If you have the luxury of a large piece of garden around your house, there are probably several places to build a veranda.

Think for example of a modern veranda with a shed or adjacent to a fence. Officially, in that case it is no longer called a veranda, but a roof. However, a modern conservatory offers the same possibilities as a modern veranda at home and is therefore certainly worth considering in the search for the most suitable location in the garden.

Is that ideal spot exposed to the wind? Then think about closing off your modern veranda with steel sliding doors, which you can open completely in the summer. Do you choose to close off all walls with closed (sliding) walls? Then the veranda can even serve as an extra inner space or conservatory.

Define the model

Once you have an idea of what the modern, sleek veranda should look like and where it should be placed, it is time to make concrete plans.

Of course you can have a complete veranda built for you, but it is also easy to do yourself. Are you going to work with loose planks or do you opt for a ready-made construction kit including instructions, in which all the wooden planks for your modern veranda have already been sawn to size and which you only have to put together?

A building kit may offer less room for creative freedom, but you have the assurance that you are ordering exactly the right amount of material that has already been cut to size. This also means no waste wood and therefore no costs for disposal afterwards. In general, a ready-made kit for a modern wooden veranda is therefore usually cheaper.

With the online calculator on our website, you can easily and quickly calculate the total cost of your wooden veranda. Enter all your details and we will calculate the price for you. Including a picture of the end result.

It is also possible to request a free sample of the wood for your modern veranda, so that you can see and feel it in real life.

Our advisory team is ready for you

If you choose to build a modern veranda of wood yourself, with or without a kit, this does not mean that you are on your own. Even though you may not have two left hands, building a veranda is not a project that you do every day.

Our advisory team is therefore ready to help you with this project and answer all your questions. Does the wood need to be maintained, for example? And how do I fix the veranda to the wall of my house?

You can reach us on working days from 8.30 to 17.00 on 074-2040756 or via info@hardwooddiscount.co.uk. Do you prefer direct contact? Then contact us via Whatsapp. We can also be reached in the evenings and at weekends. In addition, we will answer all questions submitted via the contact form within 24 hours.

Of course, you are also more than welcome in our showroom in Hartlepool. Get inspiration for your modern veranda or discuss the possibilities with our advisory team. Do you want to make sure we have all the time in the world for you, or do you want to come and have a look outside visiting hours? Make an appointment and we will be happy to make time for you.

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