Hardwood fence posts

Fastening with clips
 Modern blinds on the posts
20% Factory discount

Ipe 14.0 x 14.0 cm - 3.00 m1

IPE gate post 14.0 x 14.0 cm

IPE Hardwood
Pole Planed flat
Thickness: 14.0 cm
Width: 14.0 cm
Length: 3.00 m1
Modern Ipe fence made of hardwood in lamellar design Very popular today! IN STOCK


IPE - bars Fully enclosed
Luxurious Long lengths
Length: Long lengths
Free: Screws
Modern wall of Ipe wood in 4x4 beams IN STOCK


IPE - slatted bars Fully enclosed
 Very luxurious Long lengths
Thickness: 4.0 cm
Width: 4.0 cm
Length: Long lengths
Free: Clip + Screws


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Fence posts finely sawn rough pointed 6x6 cm

Poles 6.0 x 6.0 cm

 Azobe  Sawn timber
   Fence poles
Thick: 6.0 cm
With: 6.0 cm
Length: 2.75 - 3.00 m1
Application: To choose


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Foundation pile 6x6

Poles 6.0 x 6.0 cm

AZOBE Fine Sawn
 Hardwood Sharpened
Thickness: 6.0 cm
Width: 6.0 cm
Length: 1.50 and 2.00 m1

IPE hardwood fence modern - 7.0 cm slats

IPE - 7.0 cm Click system
Clip assembly Mixed lengths
Length: Mixed
Free: Screws + Clips


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ipe tripple modern fence IN STOCK

Modern fencing - triplet model

IPE - triplet fully enclosed
Click system Long lengths
Length: Long lengths
Free: Screws

Woven ground cover

Ground cover  Black
 Perforated  Anti-weed
Thick: 2.0 mm
Width: 2.15 m1
Length: To choose
Application: To choose


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Hardwood fence posts

Posts are available in European hardwood and Tropical hardwood. We can supply Larch, Douglas fir or Oak posts, this is European hardwood. We often sell Larch or Douglas fir for construction timber that is used for verandas, canopies or garden sheds. Wooden posts are very widely applicable and are available in different sizes. Tropical hardwoods include the woods IPE, Azobe, Angelim, Massaranduba and Bankirai.

Square posts, planed and finely sawn

All posts of Hardwood Discount are for purchase in the square finely sawn or in the square planed variant. We also sell a pre-sawn planed post. We are marketleader in IPE Hardwood in the Netherlands.

A shaved post is given an extra machining process, making this post more expensive than a finely sawn hardwood post. All our posts are square sawn. A stake is defined as being square, so a dimension such as 6 x 6 cm is a stake. If the dimensions are not equal, for example 5 x 8 cm, this is not a post but a beam.

Why choose Hardwood discount?

We only supply sustainable hardwood, according to all the rules and legislation that are prescribed. The Hardwood Discount wood itself is intensively checked for its legitimacy in the countries of origin. This is very important for the survival of the tropical rain forest, among other things.

Hardwood discount square post pre-planed

Hardwood Discount wood is chip-resistant and straight. A finely sawn post always has some splinters and a rough surface. A Hardwood Discount post has been slightly pre-sawn, giving these posts a smoother surface. The wood is polished, as it were, resulting in a better and more beautiful product. Startimber is slightly more expensive than standard hardwood finely-sawn posts, but cheaper than fully planed posts.The advantage of Startimber wood is that all the wood is pre-sawn and therefore dimensionally stable.  Startimber hardwood is made splinter-free. This is in contrast to finely sawn posts, which are not dimensionally stable and still contain splinters.

If you are going to place a fence or canopy, the best end result is achieved by using StarTimber. StarTimber hardwood is produced with more care, which is reflected in the finish of the wood.

Startimber planed posts

Startimber hardwood shaved posts are sorted with the greatest care in the country of origin. So only the best wood is used for the StarTimber production.


Due to the excellent packaging and dimensional stability of the hardwood, you will receive the highest achievable quality, for the most beautiful end result. You cannot buy this product in a DIY store. Only the better timber trade sells this product. Hardwood Discount is the online dealer.

Wide range of products hardwood discount online

With all products of Hardwood Discount online you will make better and more beautiful projects. All offered wood is of high quality. We always try to distinguish ourselves from other providers. Therefore, we have become online dealers of a quality brand Startimber. With Startimber hardwood you make everything more beautiful and better. StarTimber hardwood has a suitable solution for every job. You can't imagine a fence, flower box, terrace or roof in hardwood. StarTimber has a wood profile and/or size available that can be delivered to you. These products are not available in the DIY marke.

Technical specifications and delivery, for the professional user

StarTimber is distinctive in planing all rough hardwood. This wood is as it were polished, stain-free and therefore a smoother, more beautiful end product than a standard finely sawn hardwood. Startimber is fully planed on four sides, and all preplaned products are highly distinctive. This is because the special packaging, always guarantees the freshness of this product. Greyed wood, or stained parts due to transport are reduced to almost zero. All ends of the wood are treated twice with a special moisture sealer, so that moisture is less likely to escape from the wood. This promotes the stability of the hardwood in the long term, because the existing moisture in hardwood is less likely to be extracted from the wood. StarTimber products always have the durability class 1 or 2, these are technical names for how long wood will last. Wood will eventually rot if it comes into contact with water or soil. With Startimber wood you are therefore guaranteed a very long life. Startimber's wood inspectors check the entire production process in the country of origin and several times when the goods enter the Netherlands. Before the wood arrives at hardwood discount online. Therefore you as a customer are assured of a beautiful and better product.

Tropical hardwood for canopies, verandas or sheds is not often used. These types of wood are heavier in weight and more difficult to process than larch Douglas or oak. However, it is advisable to use planed tropical hardwood for the uprights which support the roof construction. Wooden posts in the ground are affected by bacteria and fungi. Tropical hardwood is much more durable than oak or larch. Therefore, we recommend that you use tropical hardwood for your wooden posts in the ground. Square wooden posts can be planed with rounded corners or finely sawn.

Available dimensions for posts

A finely sawn post has a rough surface that allows the grain of the wood to stand out slightly. Finely-sawn square posts have a straight edge and no rounded corners. Splinters are common with square finely-sawn posts. Wooden posts in the ground as finely-sawn posts may have a slight deviation in width or thickness. This is because the circular saw heats up during sawing and therefore saws with a slight deviation, this gives some size tolerance. A pole may therefore not be square to the millimetre.

Fine sawn posts are available in the following dimensions in centimetres or cm

  • 4x4 cm, often used as a foundation post under a deck
  • 5x5cm, often used as a foundation post under a deck
  • 6x6 cm, very wide variety of application, from sheet pile post, fence post to field fence post
  • 7x7 cm, very wide variety of application, from sheet pile post, fence post to field fence post
  • 8x8 cm, very wide variety of application, from sheet pile post, fence post to field fence post
  • Products starting from size 6x6 cm are also available in Startimber hardwood

Planed posts are for sale in the following 85x85 cm dimensions, also available in StarTimber

  • 6.5x6.5 cm, usually used as a fence post, almost always visible concrete
  • 6.8x6.8cm, usually used as a fence post, almost always visible concrete
  • 8.5x8.5cm, usually used as a fence post, or another robust stanchion, almost always visible concrete
  • 11.5x11.5 cm and in 14.5x14.5 cm. These are often used for partial roofs or veranda posts.

Planed wooden post spiked

The surface of shaved square timber posts is much smoother. A shaving machine works the square posts, making the surface very smooth. Shaved square wooden posts always have a rounded corner on all four sides. Sometimes an extra treatment is applied to the posts, not a round corner on four sides but also a V-groove on the long sides. Square-shaped wooden posts are fixed dimensions. These square wooden posts are all planed in the same way so they all have the same dimensions.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting ensures that your wood project comes into its own in the evening. By using the right garden lighting, you can create a nice atmosphere in your garden.

Garden lighting comes in different forms, this can be let lighting on 12 V or normal lighting on 220 V. Garden lighting is always waterproof because it must be able to withstand all elements of the weather. Lighting can be mounted as spotlights in a decking or built into the roof boarding. Integrated lighting often gives the best finish and end result. But also surface-mounted spotlights or lamps can be very beautiful.

When building a Douglas fir, oak or tropical hardwood canopy, don't forget to make a sketch beforehand. Not only is this useful so that you have a clear idea of how big the project will be. But it also gives you clarity about where the power points should be. It is much nicer to hide away the electricity wires than to place them in sight afterwards. Prevent unpleasant surprises later and think carefully about the result you want. Make a clear building plan and work it out in a construction sketch.



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