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Steel sliding doors


The steel sliding door prices are calculated in a simple way, and is directly available to you. Hardwood Discount has developed and figured out a way to keep the cost of manufacturing a steel door as low as possible. Steel doors are however more expensive than traditional wooden interior doors that are now commonly used in homes. Steel doors are more exclusive and give the right industrial look that people want to create. A steel sliding door has a production process that differs enormously from that of a wooden door. A steel sliding door is equipped with a rail, which makes the price higher compared to a standard hinged door. To calculate the steel sliding door prices you can use our calculator. The calculator can be found on our website and is very easy to use. This also applies to our pivot doors

Once you have selected the type of door and entered the correct measurements, you will see the calculation and price of the steel sliding door. You do not need to request a quotation, as is the case on many sites. Once you agree with the price, you can order the sliding steel door. The sliding steel door will be delivered to you within 4 weeks, together with a manual to install the sliding steel door. Installing a sliding steel door is not difficult. If you read the manual carefully, the installation of the sliding steel door in your home is easy to realize.