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Steel pivot doors with glass

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Always with soft close hinges. You can open the steel doors to either side at 90 degrees. These stay open or automatically close smoothly again. The hinges are mounted on the ceiling and on the floor. You can also fit hinged doors with underfloor heating. The plugs go 4 cm into the floor. But you can cut them down to 1.5 cm. In that case we do recommend putting mounting kit under the hinge. Fitted with 6 mm safety glass.

Our steel doors have beautiful, sturdy hinges with a robust look. This makes it look beautiful with every colour and yet it also gives an elegant and stylish look. The pivot door is made of metal and can be fitted with hardened glass. The big difference with a normal revolving door is the hinge. The pivot hinges are fixed to the ceiling at the top of the steel pivot door and to the floor at the bottom. The steel pivot doors can be opened 90 degrees in both directions. Our steel pivot doors rotate easily and can, if desired, remain open but can also be closed automatically using the soft close system. Ideal as a very high quality steel interior door. Would you like to see these steel pivot doors in real life? You are always welcome in our showroom. Of course it is also possible to make an appointment. Or you can take a look on our website.

Calculator steel pivot doors


It is possible to order custom made steel pivot doors in our shop. These doors are identical on both sides and have a maintenance free finish due to the correct powder coating. You can choose these doors in all samples and therefore colours. It is therefore possible to put together these doors entirely according to your own wishes since everything is made to measure. Keep in mind that everything is manufactured in-house so that we can offer a low price. We make our steel pivot doors very strong so they can be offered infinitely. Therefore you can also think of double pivot doors and black steel doors.

Developing steel doors is a complicated process. For example, it is important that each door is exactly in proportion to the vertical axis and is properly finished. This is especially the case because we offer the possibility to make these doors custom made. This means that any size is possible. We therefore definitely do not recommend working on steel doors yourself. The finishing must be perfect and the right materials are very important. Curious about the possibilities? Then simply use our calculator to work out your desired doors. The assembly can of course easily be done by yourself. For this we have developed several manuals and videos.


Our standard colour is black. We produce various types of steel doors annually but mainly black steel doors. Of course a different colour is also possible due to our powder coating. Besides the colour black you can also choose for steel doors with glass. The costs for a pivot door are very different so we advise you to use our calculator. This way you know within a few clicks all the prices for your desired result. Here it is for example also possible to indicate how many planes of tempered glass you wish. This all affects the steel pivot door price. The more surfaces, the higher the price. When you have completed the calculator you can place your order with one click on the button. The costs of a pivot door become clear here quite quickly and easy.

We can say that the price for the steel pivot door is higher than for a swing door. This has to do with the hinges that have to be attached to the top and bottom of the door. This price can again easily be calculated in our calculator. This is the actual selling price without unpleasant surprises.

Do you prefer to order the glass doors with the help of our experts? Then feel free to visit our showroom and together we will finalise your order. This way you can make the right choice.

Calculator steel pivot doors

As mentioned earlier, you can decide for yourself how many areas of glass you wish to have in the customised steel interior doors. The more surfaces, the higher the price. A great advantage is that we have the production of the glass doors under our own management so we can offer all glass doors at a competitive price. Another big advantage is that we can offer the pivot doors, both with and without glass, in all desired dimensions and therefore completely custom made. Therefore you can easily order our doors in any desired size by using our calculator on the site. This also applies to all steel doors and therefore also to a steel sliding door.