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See what other customers have made with our products

On this page you will find several projects for inspiration. Have you also realised a project with us? Send us the pictures and we will reward you with a discount voucher, for yourself or to give away.

Steel door in frame (single-pane door)

To separate the hall from the kitchen, we decided to install a steel butted door. This door is fitted in an L frame, and the hinges are attached to the frame on the side of the door. The magnetic strip provides a tight seal. Other doors in our house that are wooden also have a 1/4th compartment division hence we had the steel door made in this as well. The long handle completes the steel door for us. Super satisfied with the end result. Assembly was not difficult, look carefully and secure the frame, then hang the door in the hinge, possibly adjust the frame, fit the glass and put in the glazing bars. 


Steel door according to customer design

We make all steel doors to measure. Because no two openings are alike. Therefore, we are flexible and can also produce customer-specific. This steel door is an example of that. The partitioning is not what we offer as standard but, as you can see, can certainly be made by us. Steel door according to customer design. A beautiful end result.


Loft door (French pivot door) in steel

All steel pivot doors come with a soft-close system. The door is mounted to the floor and ceiling. We mount the hinge in the bottom of the door. The block on which the door is placed is screwed to the floor. The door swings open on both sides. You can also leave the steel pivot door open at 90 degrees on either side. Beautifully professional system made in our own workshop.


Steel door with a side panel

You install a steel door with a side panel if the width of the opening is greater than the width of the door can accommodate. Adding a side panel gives the room a little more atmosphere. You can choose what you like in the division in the calculation module. This is the most common configuration.


English steel doors

We were searching for some time for a set of doors that would suit the ambience of our house. We chose this company because the doors have the same look on both sides, which is not the case with other suppliers. Also, the profiles are strong and slim which gives a modern whole. The delivery time was fast with 7 weeks in the house. We are not very handy but we installed the doors anyway. Afterwards, it was much easier than we thought.


French doors

Beautiful set of French steel doors, with long handle throughout the height of the steel Pivot swing doors. An asset to our interior. Many of our friends from London love it. We are very happy with it.