See what other customers have made with our products

On this page you will find several projects for inspiration. Have you also realised a project with us? Send us the pictures and we will reward you with a discount voucher, for yourself or to give away.

Hardwood tree trunk table in living room

Hardwood tree-trunk table installed in our living room with a steel base with hardwood beam where you can put your feet on. The single-trunk table is robust and of indestructible thick quality. We don't think it's just beautiful. The ease of use is top notch because the wood is finished with a matt varnish, just a dish towel with some soap is sufficient. 



Treetrunk tables made to measure - Hands for Hair

In the centre of Hengelo, 2 custom-made tree trunk tables were delivered to hairdresser Hands for Hair. For this, special bases were created. The top was about 3 m1 long, which was halved to get 2 tops. 


Coen 1

Bar table

Last summer, I tackled my entire back garden. I ordered a roofing, and for the decoration in my roof, I had a bar made, and placed a bar table. I have selected a table top of 8 cm thick, with a high base, so that this table serves as a bar table. I have already spent many pleasant days and evenings at this table. I have already placed bar stools at the table, but these are unfortunately not shown in these photos. 



Ipe decking boards 2.1 x 14.0 cm - with clips - INVISIBLE SCREWS

At my house a deck of decking boards was laid with ipe decking wood. I could attach the deck to the joists with clips. This was very simple. I am happy with the quality of the product.


Sublicoat 1

Treetrunk table 8 cm thick, canteen

To realize our canteen in our company, I ordered trunk table tops from Hardhout Discount. I used these trunk table tops as a kitchen top, shelf, and a tall trunk table to enjoy with our staff in our canteen. We are happy with the good result. I also ordered the lamps hanging above our trunk table from Hardhout Discount.The floor that I have laid I have had from Hardhout Discount before. This is an Ipe plank floor, visibly screwed.


Shed 3278-1

Shed Ipe decking 2.5 x 14.0

To build a shed for garden chairs and some tools, we ordered Ipe decking from Hardwood Discount and used them as cladding.