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On this page you will find several projects for inspiration. Have you also realised a project with us? Send us the pictures and we will reward you with a discount voucher, for yourself or to give away.

Mancave a modern canopy

Mancave a modern canopy. If you order a modern canopy from us, you get a lot of warm tones, black timber which combined with the natural colour of wood and or ipe hardwood gives a super nice combination. The outdoor life can begin in style. Our luxury canopies are worth it.


Ipe louvre fence


Beautiful fence made of IPE hardwood slats. Posts placed in the ground with an auger. Together with the neighbours we built this modern fence. Posts every 1 m1 or so. Placing the bottom slats was the hardest part, but after that it went smoothly. It is important that the employee of Hardhout Discount advised us to watch the video. Otherwise we would have forgotten the transition clips. All in all an asset to our garden. Super happy with the end result.


modern fence Ipe 5.0 cm slats

modern fence Ipe 5.0 cm slats

Via a neighbour, we came across this woodshop. As soon as we entered the shop on Saturday, we felt at home and saw the products of ipe hout displayed. Not only the quality but also the professional staff made us decide to buy a lamellae fence here. We needed a lot and our garden has been given a mega modern character. This has led to many positive reactions from friends. We are pleased with the end result and recommend everyone to buy at Hardwood Discount quality wood!


Lounger 01

Loungers of Ipe planks

These loungers are made from Ipe planks of 7 and 9 cm width. The planks are attached with clips, so that no screw holes are visible in the planks.



Fence with planks of 9 cm wide

In my backyard I have placed a modern fence with 9 cm wide planks. With the same planks I made a gate, so it has become a nice and beautiful entity.


De Zwart 1

Fence 7 cm

Together with our neighbours, we chose a modern fence with invisible screws. Our neighbours wanted to cover the fence with planking of 9 cm width, and we wanted to cover it with planks of 7 cm wide. Luckily this was possible, and according to the company no problem. This way we, and our neighbours, created the look of our garden that we wanted. We are very happy with it.