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Hotel Rules Net5 TV Show Holland

For the TV programming of Net5 called Hotel Rules in Holland, we have supplied a hardwood table top.
Airen Mylene presents Hotel Rules from 15 May on TV.
After four successful House Rules NL seasons, Net5 is now launching the spin-off Hotel Rules. In this new program, five couples will rigorously renovate each other's hotel or bed & breakfast. The couples do not know each other and have received no more than a few "hotel rules" from the owners as a guide for the renovation. Presenter Airen Mylene follows them closely in the fierce battle for the main prize that consists of 25,000 euros. Bertraum Beerbaum is an interior designer and product designer and gives his opinion about the end result. The Hotel Rules program can be followed at Net5 from Wednesday 15 May at 8.30 p.m.

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