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How does it work?

You will receive wood for FREE. You will receive a discount voucher in return.

Algemene informatie

We offer you the choice of two types of test samples: a small sample and a larger sample. It goes without saying that the larger sample will give you a better idea of the wood.

  • All test samples are delivered in a box by the parcel service
  • You will receive the wood in the sample FREE
  • You only pay the shipping costs of the package
  • For the contribution to the shipping costs you will immediately receive a discount voucher worth the whole amount
  • You can use this discount voucher within 30 days when ordering 500 euros or more
  • After ordering your project you will receive the sample completely free!

The complete test sample

  • Sections of wood of about 10 centimetres
  • When you clip the chosen sample you will receive two clips with screws
  • The costs are $ 17,95

Free test sample!

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When ordering a sample ,you will receive a discount voucher worth your delivery costs!


  • Sample sent in a box.
  • To compensate for the shipping costs, you will receive a discount code.
  • Please do not forget to enter the discount code when placing a wood order.

The wooden sample is FREE, you only pay for the shipping costs. Request your sample here.
We compensate for the costs in the form of a discount code.


    Pieces of wood of about 10 centimetres
    You will receive two clips with screws when you clip the sample you have chosen.
    The costs are £17.95

Expected delivery time is between 3 to 7 business days.

Free wood samples are waiting there for you!
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Due to our expansion, we now own timber warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and the UK?
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