EDPM roofing

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Covering for the roof
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a long lifespan
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EPDM roofing foil




3 mm thick

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Epdm foil

Water outlet included

Assembly kit


Epdm kit k96

EPDM Kit K96

EPDM Kit K96

Specifically created to seal EPDM
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EDPM roofing

At Hardhoutdiscount we can offer you EPDM roof covering. This is a membrane roofing system. These are layers of EPDM foil which are connected to each other by means of a technique. This membrane technique creates a high density with which you can close every roof in one go.

EPDM roofing has great advantages because the number of seams on the roof is reduced to a minimum. This means there are almost no risks. Eventually you will have to do much less work than with other roof coverings such as roofing membrane or tiles. This means that you can close your roof many times faster and it is very effective.

The EPDM foil is extremely resistant to ageing through exposure to UV radiation. You can therefore attach it to the roof with adhesive using a special kit supplied.


Of course, there are a number of conditions that a roof must meet. These are listed in the "Building Regulations".

One of the most important conditions is that a roof must be fire-resistant. One development of the EPDM Easy cover foil is that it is completely fireproof. This means that it complies with the NEN 6063 standard.


  • Long life span of approx. 50 years
  • UV resistant
  • Impact on environment is negligible
  • Suitable for any roofing system
  • DUBO certification
  • Lightweight (1.23 kg per m2)
  • Resistant to root growth
  • Permanently elastic
  • Fire resistant
  • KOMO certified
  • Quick application
  • Suitable for green roofing systems
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Safe application


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