Wood price

Are you one of those people who prefer to look at the prices before buying a product? Such as a fence, then you have come to the right place. We make various prices available online. So you can make the right decision at home at your leisure. We have a large part of the range in stock and can deliver at lightning speed. And we can deliver as you wish. In large or small batches, adapted to your wishes.

You can find many products with various wood prices online.

Why Hardwood Discount? 

When do you know if you have discounted wood prices? When it comes to hardwood, 9 out of 10 times we are talking about a big investment, therefore it is important that you get a high quality product with good wood prices. When it comes to wood prices, we of hardwood discount are the sharpest online, how is this possible you will ask yourself? We import ourselves from South America and Africa and do not buy through a broker, there is the first difference in secondly, we do not work with an expensive showroom and we work with a small team without too much fuss. In the end, it's all about the piece of wood you want to order, not how nice our office building looks. Our timber prices are based on the hardwood product, without all the fuss. And last but not least, we have passion for what we sell, which means no fat margins, but simply honest and sincere trade based on passion for the wood trade. Good quality at competitive wood prices? Then take a look at hardwooddiscount.co.uk. 

Knowledge and expertise 
We know what we are talking about, whether it is about installing a hardwood fence or a clear explanation of a particular type of wood. We know where Abraham gets the mustard and there is no question you cannot ask us. Do you need help with the calculation of a decking terrace? Then use our online calculator, where we go through step by step what you want and what you need, including the number of screws. And of course all the wood prices are clear at the same time.

Wood prices 
The wood prices, like other raw material prices, fluctuate constantly. It is therefore possible that quotations have a shorter validity than you are used to. A large part of the timber market is expressed in US dollars, which means that fluctuations in currency and timber prices can play a role. Foreign wood species in particular are more sensitive to this. The price of wood is normally per cubic metre, but the consumer is mainly charged per square metre, stating a thickness in mm. If you would like to have a look around and investigate the price of wood, check out the large offer in wood traders on the internet. In general, fast growing species are cheaper than slower growing ones. Also, species that are transported over longer distances are generally more expensive. Exceptions are European wood species such as French oak and various types of walnut and walnut. These are often cheaper from the Eastern European countries or the so-called Slavic countries.

In our webshop you can easily order your fence online and of course this is done in a safe environment, hardwood discount is affiliated with various quality marks to take away all the risks of online ordering and of course you get the order delivered to your home and from 500 Euros we charge no delivery fee.you can contact us online from Monday to Sunday to give your order.

Test samples 
Would you first like to see, feel and smell a sample of planks for a few meters of fence, before you proceed to order? Fill in the online form and we will make sure the sample is delivered to your home free of charge by mail. If you would like free advice on ordering your product, please contact us by e-mail at info@hardwooddiscount.co.uk or by phone at +31 01429 650155 We look forward to your order.