Wood drilling

Wood lives and wood breathes. Hardwood is a natural product that is always in motion. Wood is durable and environmentally friendly to use.

It is best to pre-drill all hardwood. Wood drilling is necessary so that the hardwood does not bark or split. Hardwood has a high density, which makes it very heavy and durable. Hardwood has a densely bonded structure so this type of wood drilling is necessary before you start screwing. What type of wood drilling is necessary? If you want to install a decking or battening you should drill wood with a drill bit that has the same thickness as the screw you are going to use. A wood drill is almost always suitable for drilling into any type of wood. A wood drill is shaped differently from a metal drill. Wood drills always have a sharp point in the middle of the drill, a metal drill does not. Wood drills should be handled quietly, do not put too much pressure on the drill, move the drill up and down in the hole to be drilled, the drill should do the work, not the force that is put on the drill. This will prevent the drill from getting too hot and becoming blunt. The drilled wood must be able to slide out of the drill, so that the drill does not get blocked and the wood drill does not burn.


In order to sink the screw into the drilled hole nicely, we recommend drilling wood with a countersink, the wood countersink. Drilling wood with a countersink is faster. Otherwise you would have to use two drills, which is more expensive and the wood drilling takes longer. When drilling wood with an inserted countersink, you get two in one. If you have pre-drilled the hardwood with the countersink, the screw will fall nicely into the countersink. This prevents a frayed face and the wood from splitting.

When installing a hardwood fence post or a scaffold, you must also drill wood, you can dig out the sand or you can do this with an auger. The advantage of an auger is that you remove exactly the soil for the installation of the post, in contrast to not using an auger, i.e. a shovel. With a shovel you remove more soil than necessary and the ground becomes more unstable. The chance of subsidence of the pile is greater. An auger can be used manually or with a machine. When using a machine, be sure to hold it firmly; roots or a stone can cause an abrupt stop of the auger. Our advice is to leave mechanical drilling to experienced specialists. Drilling with a hand auger is easier, but heavier, so keep this in mind before you start.


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