Vertical slatted fence

Any slat fence in | vertically executed | order at Hardhout Discount .nl.  A large stock of Ipe hardwood at competitive prices. Slat fences mounted horizontally but also vertically.

A beautiful brown and light brown colour of the Ipe hardwood, with even structure and extremely fine grain, Ipe wood exudes natural elegance. Hard-wearing, strong and showing minimal movement that is the hallmark of ipe wood. Your fence will not only look beautiful. As a result, it will also stand the test of time. Ipe wood is the best choice of wood. Excellent properties of Ipe wood you will start to discover, and let your projects flourish with this good and elegant hardwood species.

tree trunk table hardwood nr 12 Exclusive table

Treetrunktable nr 12 - width 99-101 cm - length 2.01 m1

Matt varnish  
Solid cut from 1 piece  
Exclusive and deluxe  
Length: 2.01 m1
Width: 99 - 101 cm

£ 1,405.22 per unit £ 1,686.26 per unit

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Build your own modern fence with quality material like hardwood fence boards and hardwood fence posts. Easy to cut to size and build yourself. All our fences are not difficult to build even if you are less handy.  Each product comes with instructions on how to build a modern vertical fence. Of course, we supply allmarials and you won't be short-changed. 

The foundation of your garden is your fence. If you build a vertical slat fence in your garden, then it is not difficult to dress up the rest of your garden afterwards. Build any beautiful garden then your fence sets the mood.

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Request a trial sample so you can smell and feel in advance that Ipe hardwood is the right choice. 

Whatever choice of fence you make. We have all the wood in stock and therefore there is no longer a delivery time. We also show on the site how many metres we still have available. Place your order today and we can usually deliver within 2 days. Or choose a later delivery date, if 2-day delivery is too soon for you. 

Still have questions about which type of wood is best for you. Or which fence suits you best? Or questions about the undergrowth of your fence? You can oil any type of wood to treat the colour. Applying oil is not a lot of work and is recommended 2 to 3 times a year.

The advisory team is happy to help. Available every working day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. via 074-7440163 and via But we are also at your service in the evenings and weekends via the app.

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