Veranda douglas black

Are you looking for a veranda for your backyard, and do you prefer a variant of douglas wood in a black colour? Then you're at the right place at Hardwood Discount! Douglas is a wood species which is widely used as garden wood. This makes it perfect for making a Douglas-fir veranda in black.

Are you curious what Hardwood Discount can do for you in the field of modern verandas, and then in particular a black douglas roof? Then be sure to read on, we'll be happy to tell you!


To be able to satisfy everyone's wishes and to help you as best as possible with putting together your ideal Douglas fir roof, we have set up a handy online calculation module. With this module you can make your own custom-made shelter in a few easy steps. In addition, you can decide for yourself which parts of the douglas veranda should be black. Do you want the whole roof to be black? Or for example only the walls? With our veranda calculator you decide!

Is your veranda entirely to your liking and does it meet all your requirements? The calculator will show you the total amount. What's more, you can order everything you need, including the wood, screws, bases and more, with a click of the button. Everything you need to assemble your shelter douglas black yourself will be delivered to you, so you can start directly with the assembly.


Are you convinced of the high quality douglas black wood of Hardwood Discount, and are you completely satisfied with the design of your veranda? Then place your order quickly and easily via our website! Do you have a question or would you like more information about our many possibilities in the field of douglas black rabbet veranda? Please feel free to contact our advisory team, they will gladly help you!

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