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Tree trunk side table

A side table tree trunk can be made of oak or hardwood. Hardwood Discount provides tree trunk garden table ready or a hardwood table top loose, so without frame.

A tree trunk side table is also called a coffee table. It is up to you which name you give it. We have old oak tree trunk side tables and hardwood. If you choose oak, it is good to know that all our oak wood is made cork dry. This is necessary because it is for indoor use. If the moisture content of oak is too high, the wood will split or warp. This is logical, because a tree naturally has moisture in the trunk. Too much moisture in the sawn wood will be pulled out of the wood by the ambient temperature and the humidity in a house.

With wood that is not dried, this process of drying out the wood goes too fast. This causes the wood to crack or warp. Because we sell tree trunk tables of the Huefter brand, the quality is guaranteed and guaranteed.

What to choose for your tree trunk side table?
If you choose an oak or hardwood side table or coffee table, here are the differences. External characteristics, of oak or hardwood are easy to give. An oak side table has a more robust surface than a hardwood variant. This is because the grain of oak is larger compared to hardwood.