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Tree trunk garden table

Looking for a tree trunk garden table? Then you are at the right place at Hardhout Discount. Our old oak tree trunk tables are sanded completely smooth. Each tree trunk table is unique, and has its own characteristic features.

Oak tree trunk tables 
All oak tree-trunk tables are naturally dried, so the wood will hardly be affected. Because wood, and also this old oak table top is a natural product, a crack can always occur. That is also the charm of oak. These tables are made up of several planks, and are connected at the bottom with a fastening bar with strong screws. The Huefter tables are therefore made to be foolproof.

Indoor and outdoor use
You can use the oak tables indoors, but also outdoors. If you use the table outside, we advise you to oil it several times. We also recommend that the tree trunk table is always placed under a roof. Glued tables cannot be used outdoors. Our oak tree tables are connected with a strong beam on the underside of the table, which makes outdoor use possible. This way of joining wood is better and stronger than tables glued together. We therefore choose to offer only tables assembled with an under beam.

Hardwood tree trunk tables are made of solid wood, and are therefore not glued. They can also be used outdoors, but need to be oiled and placed under a shelter to temper the weather.

If you choose not to assemble the table top directly onto a frame, our advice is to store the table top indoors and in a cool room.

The tree trunk table is well packed in plastic, so that it can withstand weather conditions for a short period of time. We do not have the option of laying the table at your home.