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Tree trunk dinner table

Planning to buy a tree trunk dining table? Then you have come to the right place. We have beautiful dining tables from tree trunk wood in hardwood, but also in oak. A dining table from tree trunk is robust and something else than a standard table. We distinguish ourselves by making a wooden dining table from a tree trunk that is straight, so more rectangular. We do not buy trunks that are very bent in their shape. This is because we believe that a dining table tree trunk should be functional in its use.

A dining table from tree trunk 

On our site on the explanation page we explain the differences between a wooden tree trunk dining table in oak or in hardwood. Is it better to have a 4 cm thick table top or an 8 cm thick table top?

The thicker the top is, the more stable it remains. Also, an 8 cm dining table trunk top is a bit fuller to look at, but that is of course our taste. The price of a 4 cm thick leaf is always cheaper than an 8 cm leaf. This is of course logical, because an 8 cm thick leaf is twice as thick as a 4 cm hardwood leaf. With an 8 cm thick tabletop we recommend a maximum span (the length of the tree trunk table) of 4m1, with an 8 cm thick tabletop up to 6m1.

What do you choose?

You choose the brand Huefter tree trunk tables. This supplier has been making beautiful, hardwearing and elegant tree trunk tables for years. We have a partnership with this manufacturer, which delivers the right quality tables.

If you buy a wooden dining table tree trunk, you have the following processing steps:

  • A picture of each dining room table tree trunk is taken and put online.
  • We state the dimensions and type of wood
  • Each table is completely sanded again with every order
  • We remove the stains and dirt from the table
  • If necessary, the tree trunk table is varnished.
  • After varnishing, the table is sanded again for a smooth finish
  • All the tree trunk tables are stacked in the racks in our warehouse, so dust, dirt and a spot on the table may occur. We always sand all tables again, so that they look their best. Only then are the tables delivered, possibly with varnish or untreated.
  • On the website, all tables are described with photos, so you can see how a table is processed into a finished product. So from sanding to applying varnish and the end result.

What if your size is not listed?

No problem at all. We can saw any table shorter, free of charge. If you wish, the sawn-off piece can be delivered to you. We also regularly receive new tables. It is possible that this delivery contains the table you want. Send us an email or call us for more information.

Online ordering and delivery

Simply order your desired tree trunk table. We have photographed each table separately and have put them on a product page on our site. That is why we indicate exactly which table you choose. Other suppliers do not do this. We do this deliberately, because every table is truly unique.

If you would still like us to make the table shorter, you can mail us your order number and dimensions. We will then ensure that the correct dimensions are delivered to you. We deliver very quickly: log tables that are not varnished or do not need to be shortened can be delivered within 2 days. If you have chosen to have your trunk table varnished or shortened, we generally deliver within 3 working days.