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Swedish rebate roof

Would you like to enrich your back garden with a Swedish rebate roof? Then take a look at our wide collection of shelters and verandas. A roofing is an extension of your home and therefore offers extra living space. Ideal during the summer days when you want to go outside, but also in the winter a covering of Swedish rebate offers an ideal solution! In short: reason enough to delve into the many possibilities of Hardwood Discount in the field of shelters.


At Hardwood Discount you have a wide choice of Swedish rabbet roofs available from stock, but it is also possible to design the roof of your dreams yourself! Depending on your requirements and wishes for the covering, you can look for a stock model which meets them. Can't find it? Try our handy roofing calculator. It allows you to put together your own Swedish rebate covering step by step. That way you can be sure that the covering will be exactly as you want it. In addition, you will immediately see the total price, as well as all the supplies you will need to assemble the covering at home. In short: whatever your preference, the perfect Swedish rabbet roofing can be found at Hardwood Discount!


Thinking about a Swedish rabbet roof? Then you think of Hardwood Discount! Do you have a specific question about our roofings, or would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us, we provide you with the right information and tailored advice. Our advisory team can be reached on working days by phone at 074 - 204 52 46 or by e-mail at info@hardwooddiscount.co.uk. It is also possible to send us a message via WhatsApp, even in the evenings and at weekends. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with a suitable answer.