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Steel interior doors with glass

Hardwood Discount also offers steel interior doors with glass. These steel interior doors have a chic look, but also a powerful and sturdy appearance. This industrial appliance gives you the feeling you wish for in your home. The doors are made of metal, including hardened glass. Our steel interior doors with glass are easy to order on our site. You can use our calculator, among other things.


Our steel interior doors with glass are of the highest quality. Because we have our own production, all steel doors can be made to measure. The interior door is available as a swing door, sliding door and as a pivot door. All our interior doors can be ordered and delivered in any desired size. In our own workshop all steel interior doors, but also steel exterior doors, are manufactured to size.

Our swing doors are positioned with hinges on the left or right side and can turn 90 degrees inwards or outwards. The thickness of our interior doors is the same as normal wooden interior doors. Our sliding doors are attached by a rail at the top of the door. The sliding door is attached to the rail at two points. The rail is attached to the wall so that the door slides in front of the wall. Our pivot doors are attached to the floor and ceiling with hinges. Because of this the pivot doors can turn both ways, so both inwards and outwards can be opened. As you can read, there are several possibilities and types of glass inner doors to order.

A steel interior door with glass is more exclusive and of a higher quality than a wooden interior door. Our quality inner door usually has a different processing and finish than many other suppliers. Our inner doors are manufactured with a high-quality powder coating. You can indicate in which colour you would like the inner door to be delivered.


The price of a steel interior door with glass differs, as the prices differ depending on the type of door that you order. The model of the steel interior door determines the price. The price will also be different if you opt for multiple glass panes. The more compartments in a door, the higher the price. This also applies to our steel pivot doors. 

The amount of steel that is processed in an interior door also determines the price. The more steel that is processed in a door the higher the price. To request a price or quotation it is very simple to use our calculator on our site. In this calculator you can enter the required dimensions, the type of door you want and a possible section with glass. Within a few moments you will see the sales price and you can order the interior doors with a simple click. The interior doors are delivered from 4 weeks onwards.