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Steel exterior doors

Hardwood Discount offers steel interior doors, which can also be used as steel exterior doors. A black steel door is the standard model, but you can also choose from other models and colours. The most common deviating colours are marked as an option in our calculator, so you do not have to choose a standard black door. Hardwood Discount has deliberately chosen to all our steel doors to provide powder coating. Powder coating is hardwearing, weatherproof and easy to keep clean. Our steel exterior door is therefore ideally suited for use as an exterior door.

You can only order the steel exterior doors via the veranda calculator in combination with a veranda, because then we know that the exterior doors require an exterior coating. Standard doors are interior doors and not suitable for outdoor use.


Steel exterior doors are currently the trend in the interior of homes or business premises. This can also include a steel exterior door with frame. A frame can be ordered in any available colour and is offered via our calculator. A steel exterior door with frame can be ordered depending on which model door you choose. A steel door frame is not always required for a steel pivot door, but can be ordered. A steel sliding door often does not need a steel frame, since a steel sliding door slides along the frame and the wall.

There are three models of steel doors in the collection of Hardwood Discount to choose from. The three models of steel doors can be ordered as hinged door, sliding door or pivot door by using our calculator which can be found on the site of Hardwood Discount.

Our steel outside doors with glass are provided with hardened glass. The steel outside doors with glass can be ordered with 2, 3, 4 or 5 compartments. The quality of steel exterior doors with glass is better and more exclusive than a wooden exterior door. Our quality of steel external doors with glass is often higher than many other suppliers. This is because we process our steel doors with a high-quality powder coating.

The prices for steel external doors differ from many suppliers. This is partly because the quality of the many suppliers varies. Many suppliers of steel doors manufacture their product from thin steel, so the finish differs from how we do it. Our steel doors have a smooth finish, are made of thick-walled steel, but are still elegant.

The prices for steel doors are different. The price strongly depends on which type of door you choose, the amount of material used and the labour it takes to make a steel door. To calculate the price easily Hardhout Discount has developed a calculator. Here you can specify what model door you want, the size of the door and the division. After you have completed the requested data you will get the price and you can order the desired door. We will deliver the door to you within 4 weeks.


Our steel doors for exterior use can be installed in homes, commercial buildings or shelters as a steel garden door. An external steel door can for example be made with different sections of hardened glass. All steel outside doors are produced in-house, which keeps costs low. You can only order the steel outside doors via the canopy calculator in combination with a canopy, because then we know that the outside doors need an outside coating. Standard doors are interior doors, and not suitable for exterior use.