Planter Ipe 2.1 x 14.0 - with clips

A number of boards were damaged during transport. This was perfectly solved by Hardhout Discount. I received extra Ipe decking boards and was allowed to keep the damaged boards. I made a planter from this. This worked out well. I am very satisfied with the handling.

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Ipe 2.1 x 14.0 decking Best selling

IPE decking 2.1 x 14.0 cm

IPE Wood click system
Deck fastening Mixed lengths
Thickness: 2.1 cm
With: 14.0 cm
Length: Mixed lengths
Free: Screws + Clips

IPE decking 2.1 x 14.2

IPE Wood click system
Deck fastening Lengths 0.90 m1
Thickness: 2.1 cm
With: 14.2 cm
Length: 0.90 m1
Free: Screws + Clips