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Planed timber is available in all shapes and sizes at Hardwood Discount. Whether you are looking for planed timber for a foundation of a log cabin or for beams of a roof. We deliver top quality planed timber at very competitive prices.

For example, for a pergola you can choose a pine beam if it must be cheap. Please note that pine wood is not durable. We of Hardwood Discount advise you to always choose hardwood, our hardwood always has durability class 1 or 2 and therefore you are guaranteed of a long life and a one-time investment.


Quality is very important when you choose planed wood. We from Hardwood Discount stand 100% behind our products. Just like you, we have no needs for surprises afterwards, therefore we have clear guidelines when it comes to entry and exit control of goods to best guarantee that what you order online also looks like what you have seen on the web shop.

We try to give a realistic impression of our products, but please note that a wooden board or post is a natural product and can react slightly differently to the finishes. In addition, the atmosphere of a wooden canopy is determined by the room, the circumstances and the amount of light. Please note that planed or raw wood as shown on the photos in our webshop, are all freshly planed or freshly sawn, this will eventually discolour to a natural grey tone. You can prevent this by oiling the products. Keep in mind that you need to do this at least 2 to 3 times a year to maintain the colour.

Are you, for example, building a roof but you do not know how to attach the planed beams or posts? We can help with advice and tips.


What is of great importance is the application of the product and is planed timber the right choice? Asking yourself this question or asking us for advice in this matter can simplify the choice for a certain type of timber or product. There is a big difference in hardness, wear resistance and machinability between the different types of wood. We can advise you which wood species you can best use for which application. For example, Azobé is a very hard and durable wood species and very suitable for a rough beam or planed post, but it is not suitable for a fence board. When you use this type of wood in smaller and especially thinner laths and dimensions, it has a quick tendency to warp, twist and crack. Because we have specialists in hardwood discount, they can tell you everything about it and thus give you good advice on planed wood or any rough products.

If you do not want planed wood, but a rough beam does not have the right look? Then consider a Startimber product made of planed wood or calibrated wood.

Why choose startimber?

StarTimber stands for the best quality tropical hardwood products. StarTimber tropical hardwood has the best price/quality ratio and a long lifespan. The brand was developed by a progressive importer of hardwood. You can buy this product at the StarTimber points of sale. StarTimber is sustainably produced in Africa and Brazil. All deliveries are checked in the Netherlands for quality and dimensions. StarTimber has a wide range of planed and smooth planed hardwood products. The range includes posts, fence boards, decking boards, beams, rules, sheet piling and partitions. Hardwood is the most durable and resistant to water and ground contact. That makes hardwood perfect for building fences, garden gates, canopies, terraces and decks, (construction) jetties and bridges, shoring and earth retaining walls, and various decorative purposes, because of its long life!


Our timber is available in various timber sizes and profiles. We supply various sizes of posts, beams, slats and other hardwood products. We do not supply spruce, this has to do with the durability class. When planing hardwood it is important that this is done in a professional way, that is why we only work with professionals that know what they are talking about, just like you we also want to be relieved of matters that we do not control, without worrying about it. Would you like to buy at Hardwood Discount? Then you are assured of quality at a very competitive price and we are a reliable partner who will support you from a to z with your purchase.

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Why would you want a sample? This way you know for sure what you get when you order online from us, you can think of the colour or the exact dimensions. For example, hardwood fence boards are available in many sizes and types of wood. Fill in our online form and indicate what you are interested in.

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Hardwood Discount is open every working day from 8.00 till 17.00 hours. You want more inforrmation about a type of wood or you want to speak to someone personally about a particular offer? Mail us at info@hardwooddiscount.co.uk or call +31 01429 650157