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Wood for outdoor use

Using wood when building outside has numerous advantages. It is durable, has a natural look and is practical to work with. Outside, however, wood has to deal with different weather conditions every season. Because of this, some types of wood are more or less usable when you build something outside. In this article we will tell you more about all (hard)wood species and you will discover which wood is very suitable for outdoor use!


To show the quality of wood, each type of wood is divided into a durability class:

  • Durability class 1: Wood species in this class will last at least 25 years outdoors. (e.g. IPE and Mukulungu)
  • Durability class 2:wood species in this class last approximately 10 to 25 years outdoors. (e.g. Bankirai)
  • Durability class 3:types of wood in this class will last outside approximately 10 to 15 years. (e.g. Larch)
  • Durability class 4:types of wood in this class last approximately 5 to 10 years outdoors. (e.g. Pine)
  • Durability class 5:types of wood in this class will last up to 5 years outdoors. (e.g. untreated softwood)

From this table it is immediately clear why certain types of wood are interesting to use in garden constructions. When you place a fence, gazebo or wooden terrace, you will want to use it for a longer period. That is why Hardwood Discount mainly uses tropical hardwoods like IPE, Bankirai and Mukulungu when designing wooden garden elements.


Between the different types of tropical hardwood you can notice differences. We would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular types of hardwood if you want to use them outdoors.

IPE is generally regarded as the best wood for outdoor use. This outdoor wood has a long life and is of absolute top quality. IPE hardwood is characterised by its very fine grain and high elasticity. The wood is brown to greenish in colour and is yellow-grey along the edges. IPE will hardly work, deform or split.
IPE exterior wood

Because of all this, IPE is very suitable for outdoor use and is regularly used as decking or patio. The wood is wear-resistant and has a lot of load-bearing capacity, so that you can place garden furniture on it without any problems. IPE is a bit more expensive than other types of wood.

Bankirai is a strong hardwood and is naturally yellow to grey-brown. During the drying process Bankirai gets its characteristic red-brown colour. This tropical wood is very suitable for outdoor use thanks to its long life and strong quality. You can choose a decking or fence of Bangkirai.

Painting, gluing or finishing Bankirai is relatively difficult. The appearance of Bankirai is therefore more difficult to change than other types of wood. 

Mukulungu is an African hardwood and is also very suitable for in the garden. The wood has a red to red-brown colour and is regularly used as decking. The wood is sturdy, wear-resistant and extremely durable. This wood also hardly works, which makes assembly with clips possible.
 Mukulungu outdoor wood

Mukulungu is a bit pricier than many European softwoods, but offers a much better price-quality ratio.


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