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Outdoor scaffold wood

If you want to use scaffolding outside as an application it is advisable to treat the scaffolding outside with an oil or to finish it with paint. Scaffolding wood for outdoor use is an addition to your garden for a peaceful natural look. To use scaffolding outside, you should treat the wood so that the wood can withstand the weather. By treating the scaffolding wood for outdoor use, you increase the life span of the wood. Is scaffolding wood suitable for outdoor use? Yes, provided that you treat the wood to preserve it. Processing scaffolding wood in untreated form is also possible, but then we advise you to place the made furniture under a roof or veranda. The rule of thumb is that scaffolding wood can be processed well outside, but if the sun and rain can get on it, it is better to treat it for outdoor use. Both old and fresh scaffolding wood are suitable for outdoor processing.


Scaffolding wood for outdoors has become a trend. We supply the best scaffolding wood. Scaffolding wood for outdoor use is available from us in thick full sizes. Hardwood discount scaffolding suitable for outdoors is unmistakably good quality. We have the scaffolding wood sawn outdoors, from selected logs. So that we are assured that the scaffolding is suitable for outdoor use.


Scaffolding boards for outdoors are easy to saw and sand for a beautiful end result. Old scaffolding wood for outdoors gives a warm atmosphere. Often untreated scaffolding wood is processed for outdoors, because if you like a white wash you better buy untreated scaffolding wood. And with a stain the scaffolding wood outside after treatment.


Blank scaffolding planks are untreated and have four rough sides. Old scaffolding boards are treated and also have four rough sides. By sanding the wood, the outdoor scaffolding is easily made smooth. We have screws and other ironmongery available that perfectly match the scaffolding wood that is suitable for outdoor use.