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Oak tree trunk table

No two oak tree-tops are the same, so each one is unique. We can fill a natural crack that may occur in a table top, free of charge. But you can also choose to leave the tree trunk table top as it is, which gives it an extra robust character.

A crack in the tree-trunk table does not affect the sturdiness of the top. Hardwood and oak tree trunk tabletops are so strong that even several cracks will not affect the quality. Tables of the brand Huefter are hufter proof.

Which oak tree trunk tables do we sell?
We sell the hardwoods Pedra, Tatajuba and Jatoba tree trunk tables and Oak tree trunk tables. All of our oak tree-trunk tables are stable, durable and suitable for indoor use. It is not possible to make a tree trunk table from just any type of wood. Not every type of wood is suitable! For example, teak tables are much less suitable. We have selected the best tree-trunk tables in oak and in different hardwood types of oak.

With or without varnish 
Varnish is a type of lacquer, which we have in a matt variant. This protects the wood from scratches, moisture and dirt. Because the varnish hardly changes the colour of the table, the natural charm of the wood is preserved and it retains its character.

We always apply varnish in several layers, up to 4 or 5 separate layers. This is to give the best possible protection to the hardwood. Please refer to the product pages of our tree trunk tables for the additional costs per table top for applying the varnish. However, we do not varnish oak tables. It is better to use an oil, or to not apply any varnish at all.

With or without metal base?
A hardwood tree trunk table is heavy, and not every undercarriage can bear this weight. An oak tree trunk table is also heavy, but not as heavy as a hardwood model. That is why we have developed good, sturdy metal bases. These will give the tree trunk table good stability and the chance of the table top becoming warped is very small. This cannot be completely prevented, wood can always get a crack. But that is also the charm of wood. We have various models and colours of bases available, these are listed separately on the pages.

Tree trunk tables in stock
We receive new stock of log tables of the Huefter brand every month. We keep a stock of at least 50 pieces. We try to put all new tables online, but not all tables are put online.  So if you have a specific question about a size that is not online, please send us an email or call our Advice Team. We are at your service.

Delivery and delivery time
Our carrier delivers the table or table tops with a mobile forklift truck to the place where a mobile forklift truck can drive. The driver goes out alone, therefore he cannot place the table for you in your home. We always protect the ordered table with plastic. We pack all deliveries well, so you can leave the table outside for a short period of time. We therefore recommend that you place the tree trunk table in a covered space as soon as possible. It is best to lay the table directly in the house. Wood always needs a few hours to get used to a different temperature and humidity. It is therefore a good idea to do this.

If you order a table today before 12.00 noon, you will receive it tomorrow. If we apply varnish, then the following applies: ordered today before 12.00 noon, delivered within 3 working days. A later delivery is of course possible in both cases. You can easily specify the desired delivery date in the shopping basket.

Free advice and assistance, by our advisory team, Tim, Marco and Tom are ready for you!