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Hardwood table top

A hardwood table top is for sale at Hardwood Discount. We sell oak tabletops but also tropical hardwood tabletops. A hardwood table top gives extra atmosphere to every home. But log tables are also often sold by us to companies. The hospitality industry uses hardwood tabletops as a regular table or as a meeting table. But office buildings which want something different than a standard desk or oval table in a meeting room are also increasingly choosing hardwood tabletops.

Advantages of a hardwood table top

A hardwood tabletop is strong, very strong. Tropical hardwood has a high strength class. This means that the bending strength of a hardwood table is very high. As a result, the table can withstand a great deal of force. We sell the tree trunk tables of the Huefter brand. This brand provides tables that are almost indestructible. So, you are not only buying something beautiful, but also a hardwood table top which will always have an economic residual value. Hardwood tables are hardwearing and can be finished flat and smooth. We optionally treat the tables with several coats of varnish, but you can also choose to apply your own varnish or oil.

Metal bases for hardwood table tops

A hardwood tree trunk table is heavy. We recommend that you buy a solid base, preferably made of metal. Our metal frames can easily bear the weight of the table. We supply table tops in 4.0 cm and 8 cm thicknesses. Please bear in mind that a 3-metre-long table with a thickness of 8 cm easily weighs 250 kg. A 4.0 cm thick table weighs half as much, of course, around 125 kg.

So even when setting up the 8 cm thick table, we recommend that you use 4 people to set up the table. With a 4 cm thick table, fewer hands are needed.

We do not place the table in your home, as the driver is only on the road. He will unload the table with a mobile forklift truck, at the closest possible location indicated by you.