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Hardwood patio tiles

Patio tiles are used in many places. Patio tiles are easy to lay and easy to remove again. You often see this at events and fairs. If, for example, there is a fair in an event hall and people want a nice floor at their stand, terrace tiles are an easy-to-lay product with an elegant appearance.

Making hardwood patio tiles 

Hardwood patio tiles are available in various types of hardwood. Due to the use of short planks, almost all tension is removed from the wood. They are also easy to make yourself. All you need are decking boards and hardwood screws.

You need to decide beforehand how big you want your hardwood terrace tiles to be. For example 60x60 cm. All you need to do is saw off 4 planks of 60 cm. Of course, you must ensure that you saw them straight in order to achieve the best end result in your hardwood terrace tiles. Use a square and draw a line before you start sawing. Saw the plank off at a right angle. Then saw off another 2 pieces of 60 cm, which you will use as clamps to connect the 4 terrace boards. Place the 2 cleats in position (not at the very end of the board) but about 5 cm from both ends of the decking boards. Now you can pre-drill the terrace boards at the right places for the screws. Then place the 4 terrace boards on top and leave a space of approx. 4 mm between the boards. Now screw the decking boards onto the clamps.

Make sure that everything is level so that they do not wobble when you lay them.

Laying hardwood patio tiles 

Because a hardwood patio tile floor consists of individual pieces, you can lay it however you like. For example, straight next to each other or in a random pattern. You can also lay the tiles alternately. You can also lay the tiles alternately. This also creates a special effect in your floor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to laying hardwood terrace tiles.

Free samples 

Would you like to receive a free sample? Would you like to compare the different types of wood? Or just to compare whether it is the same decking board as the neighbours have in the garden? That is of course free at Hardhout Discount. You can request this via our site.  

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