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There are several ways to make a hardwood fence. You can choose to make a garden fence from loose boards, or from multiple ready-made garden fences to make a fence. We supply the cheap fence elements, and have an accessible webshop, making it easy to create a cheap fence step by step. Make your fence cheap by choosing the right cheap materials. You can make a fence of loose wood or ready-made solutions. Always make a construction sketch in advance, and look closely at what we have to offer. Through our experience and offer your construction sketch may later look different, because we are strong in offering alternatives.

A durable hardwood fence element gives a nice appearance and is easy to place between the fence posts. Hardhoutdiscount.nl is a wholesaler and buys big and cheap in also for a hardwood fence. We are discounter with the best offer hardwood so you can make the most beautiful project, such as a hardwood fence, with your own ideas and easy assembly. A construction sketch gives clarity in how your project in hardwood fence will look like. You could choose between a hardwood fence in combination with other building materials. A garden fence is usually composed of 15 fence boards and 3 intermediate slats. This is the standard garden fence of 180x180. If you want more slats on the garden fences, build the garden fences yourself with loose fence planks. Divide the fence planks on the intermediate slats, and build it all together with screws, so simple you can already make a fence. So you can also make a cheap garden door, the assembly is not complicated. A garden door must always have the turning direction so open it over your own plot. An advantage of making hardwood fences yourself, is that you can divide the total length of the fences over all equal widths of garden fences. So you don't end up with just one garden fence. This gives an even more beautiful end result. The construction of fences are also often used in combination with bricks. You do not use fence posts of tropical wood but you can build pillars, these pillars replace the beams or fence posts, and possibly masonry a stone wall at the bottom. Also in this variant you can choose to make the garden fences from fence planks. The construction of this is also the most labor-intensive application. Don't forget that you also need to build a strip foundation to support the weight and pressure. Most people therefore choose a hardwood fence in combination with an inexpensive hardwood fence posts, these posts are available in various profiles, thicknesses and lengths. Tropical hardwood beams are easy to install with a soil drill, and hardwood fences can easily be attached to the hardwood post or beams with clips. You will get the best construction result if you use a planed tropical hardwood garden post in combination with a hardwood fence. The thicker the hardwood fence posts, the more robust the garden fence becomes. If you choose a wood product from StarTimber then you have purchased the best quality hardwood. Beams or cover strips over the hardwood fences and fence posts gives a nice framed end result, and these beams also function as drainage strips. So you keep the garden fences longer beautiful.

If you are going to install fences, always consult your sketch with the neighbors. This prevents annoyance later. We also often see that the cost of a fence can then be shared. Then you save money, so that, for example, another tropical hardwood project can be carried out. With the installation of garden fences or walls you protect yourself against curious glances and unwanted guests. Has a back entrance to your house do not forget the hardwood garden door in your calculation to include a beautiful end result. The best way to place a garden door, on both sides of this garden door hardwood fence posts to make. And above along one or more hardwood beams in the assembly to take. This gives extra strength at the garden door. The garden fences are usually 1.8 meters high, and is always placed above ground on hardwood garden posts. Most fences have a total height of almost 2 meters. Because the hardwood garden fences do not come into contact with the ground, they remain clean, and the garden fences have a very longer life. Garden fences offer good privacy, so you can undisturbed in the garden enjoying a delicious barbecue or spring sunshine. With a good hardwood fence you can easily make the backyard your own outdoor room. Take the indoor life outside.

At wholesale Hardhoutdiscount.nl you will learn all about tropical hardwood garden fences, and you will find all kinds of assembly sketch manuals, info and tips to make your own projects. The handy installation calculator shows quickly and easily your choice. And of course you can find all necessary products in our range. We help you advise and buy the products at Discount Hardwood is easy and safe and 24 hours after you order you can already start working! At hardwood Discount we like to advise you what is the best buy for you now. Is price and cheap wood the main consideration when buying a suitable solution at cheap garden screen? Then will you go for a natural fence in combination with hardwood? This makes the fence very cheap. A garden fence of braided willow branches combined with hardwood posts is a cheap alternative, with a nice natural look. Or do you prefer wpc (Wood Polymer Composite) Below we will tell you what we at Hardwood Discount find the best assembly solutions, of course we will tell you more about the different types of wood and what to look for and what the most prominent quality feature. In addition, you will find many here tips and tricks for the assembly to make a wooden garden screen or fence.


If you have made a clear sketch of how and where the hardwood garden fences or loose fence boards are to be installed, you can read in the installation guide that it is important to determine what surface you have and whether the wooden garden posts, for example, must be set in concrete for extra support and security. The loose fence boards must be properly screwed to the posts, with tropical hardwood it is important that you pre-drill first to make nice results. The standard rule for choosing the right length of a pole is that about 30% of the length of the pole should be in the ground for good stability. The most common length is 2.75 or 3.00 meters in length. There are some standard maxims for cheap fence construction. And you will have to make considerations according to your personal construction sketch. Determine the weight of the construction, because often a shed will be placed on top of the fence later, or the fence might serve as a wall for a shed. Are you going to make the fence yourself? Then think carefully about this.


Choose a beautiful hardwood fence board or garden screen. Most tropical hardwood fence boards and garden screens come from Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. The very favorable strength properties and high durability makes not all hardwood species suitable for a garden fence. Hardwood Discount has knowledge and experience in the products we offer online also in outline form. We ensure that you are offered cheap and the best offer materials for the fence assembly. The construction sketch shows all the ways for the fence assembly. Fence installation has never been so easy thanks to the construction sketch. We take the hassle out of building fences so all you have to do is choose the color you want for your building. Our calculator and construction sketch ensure that you always get the best and cheapest offer. Tropical wood can turn grey under the influence of rain, sun and air. If you want to prevent this, you should treat the wood with special oil or varnish. This also gives an extra protection to the wood. Do not forget to order the fasteners such as the corners and screws. Besides Fence boards and garden fences Hardwood Discount also provides wooden decking and wood for building a roof or gazebos. On our site you will find a complete and customer-friendly overview of our range, from beams boards and garden posts.

The construction sketch of Hardhout Discount.nl calculates exactly how many hardwood poles, hardwood garden fences or hardwood fence boards and screws you need for a garden fence. Download the free construction sketch, but of course you can also ask a question online or request advice by phone.


You can order the products of your choice cheaply and easily online in our webshop. Always build with us cheaper than the local wholesaler and our low set free delivery, saves you money. We always have an extra attractive offer in the outlet store and do not forget we are the cheapest online garden fence store in the Netherlands. In our shop you will find almost everything on wood for your garden or patio. Payment is done in a very safe environment. We offer you the possibility to pay with Ideal, visa, mastercard or afterpay. We deliver the ordered wood with a crane to your door. The Thuiswinkel Certificate, the General Store Terms and Conditions offer you as a consumer more guarantees than the law states, safe and secure so.


Also for this product group you can receive a free sample! This helps you to make the choice in the wood species easier. You can see the structure and the exact color with your own eyes. You can also see the weight of the product of your choice. A free sample does not oblige you to anything, it is completely non-committal, and above all FREE. Simply ask for your free sample via the site.


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