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We have more than 16 years of experience in timber, and in the year 2014 we took the step to build an online store.
Therefore we no longer have a showroom, but we do have a very large warehouse full of hardwood.
Because of this we keep the costs low, and can offer hardwood at low conditions.
We love wood and try to reflect this in everything we do.

We have the largest selection of hardwood in the Benelux.
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Using hardwood decking boards you can compose a decking according to your own taste. Thanks to the diverse choice of wood types and dimensions you can design your decking just as you like it. Everyone has different tastes, and in order to offer as many people as possible what they are looking for we have a wide range of decking boards. We only use sustainable wood of the highest quality. So you don't have to worry about having to install a new decking after your new decking is installed in just a few years. Hardwood decking boards from Hardwood Discount last for years and are maintenance friendly. Are you curious about the possibilities in the field of decking and what hardwood decking boards we offer? Then be sure to read on and we will tell you more.

DIFFERENT KINDS OF hardwood decking boards

As mentioned briefly above, we offer a wide choice of decking boards. Think of various thicknesses, dimensions and types of wood.

Thanks to this choice you can choose the floor board that best suits your taste. In terms of quality and durability you do not need to compare the different wood species, we have already done this for you. All the hardwood floorboards we offer are of the same good quality and durability. In our assortment you will find Jatoba, Mukulungu, Bankirai and IPE wood, among others. Curious about the properties of these woods? We have listed them for you.


Decking boards made of tropical jatoba hardwood have a very luxurious appearance and last for more than 30 years. When fastening these floor boards it is very important to leave a gap of at least 8 millimeters. Furthermore, it is very easy to install this type of wood, so experience is not required. Characteristic of this wood species is the flesh-colored to pinkish red / pinkish brown color of the wood. A jatoba floor has the appearance of a castle plank which stands for luxury. An advantage of this unique wood species is that it dries slowly and therefore hardly deforms.


Decking boards made of Brazilian Bankirai wood are available in many different lengths that vary between 1.25 and 3.65 meters. Pre-drilling is very important for these decking boards before screws are attached. The screws themselves are supplied free with the purchase of floor boards. There is a choice of a clear color or black powder coating in 5x5 or 5x5. Bankirai wooden decking boards are very popular, and of course not without reason. Many people are impressed by the high quality and beautiful look of the wood.


IPE wood is a widely used wood species for decking. Therefore, we have a number of different IPE hardwood decking boards in our assortment. This tropical hardwood is easy to install and has a luxurious look. It is not for nothing that it is a much chosen wood for decking. IPE wood belongs to durability class 1 and strength class D60. With a decking of IPE you don't have to worry about having to work again after a few years because the material is deteriorating. Hardwood decking boards from IPE will last for more than 30 years.


Depending on which decking board you prefer, there is a certain way how it should be mounted. Our decking boards are installed by means of a simple click system. This allows you to install your own decking with little experience. When purchasing, pay close attention to whether it is inclusive or exclusive of screws, and whether an assembly strip and if necessary a spacer are included. This is the case for most hardwood decking boards, but there are exceptions. Please pay attention to this when selecting hardwood floorboards. Are the boards delivered without screws? Then you can of course also contact us for decking screws, but also for related items such as foundation posts, beams and a root canvas.

We have several modules / Calculator
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Have you become curious about a hardwood decking? Then compare the various types of wood and look at the many possibilities. Buying hardwood decking boards is an investment, but you will have years of pleasure from it. A decking of Hardwood Discount will certainly not look out of place, wherever you want to place it. Are you curious about the price of hardwood planks for a decking and the possible costs for a foundation and other additional items? Then use our calculator! With this tool you can calculate within two minutes what the total cost of a hardwood decking will be, and how many boards you will need for it.


Would you like to install decking in your garden or at another location, and are you still looking for the right decking boards? Order your hardwood decking boards online quickly and easily. Compare the different types of wood, dimensions and thicknesses and select how many boards you need. Do you find it difficult to choose your preferred wood type? Then order free samples at Hardwood Discount. If you have the choice you can make nothing more than your order online.

Orders over €995, - will be delivered for free. Is the order on weekdays before 12:00 hours? Then you have your shelves the next working day in the house!

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Are you having trouble with the calculator or do you have any other questions about hardwood floorboards? Please do not hesitate to contact us. For a short question you can send us a WhatsApp message, but of course you can also call us or send us an email. Hardwood Discount is ready and happy to answer your questions and help you put together the perfect decking. Thanks to the large stocks in our warehouse, we can deliver quickly, and at a bargain price. All the more reason to order online decking boards at Hardhout Discount.

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