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Hardwood beams

Wooden Beams are available in all shapes and sizes at hardwood discount. Whether you are looking for hardwood beams for a foundation of a gazebo or log cabin or hardwood beams for a roof. We supply top quality hardwood beams at very competitive prices.


Various products for various projects hardwood beams can be supplied in planed dimensions or finely sawn dimensions for foundation beams or a roof. We have various trade sizes in stock, for example, planed wooden beams in 45 x 70 or 45 x 90mm or rough beams 50 x 100, beams 50 x 150. If you choose hardwood foundation beams keep in mind that these wooden beams are in the ground, so a good durability is very important. Because of the beautiful appearance, good stability and high durability we recommend a wood species such as Angelim Vermelho or Azobe.

Are you, for example, building a roof but you do not know how to attach the wooden beams cheaply? Or do you not know which fasteners you need for beams cheap? We can help with advice and tips.

What is of great importance is what application the product has, this can simplify the choice for a particular type of wood, in the wood species themselves is namely a big difference in hardness, durability and workability. We can advise you which wood species you can best use for which application. For example, Azobé is a very hard and durable wood species but it is not suitable for a fence board. When you use this type of wood in smaller and especially thinner dimensions, it quickly tends to warp, twist and crack. Because we at hardwood discount have specialists in the field of hardwood they can tell you everything about it and thus properly advise you on a planed wooden beams and rough wooden beams.

Hardwood Discount has a complete range of hardwood beams at the most competitive prices and fast delivery! Because we have specialists in the field of hardwood beams, posts and boards we can tell you everything about it and therefore give good advice. Hardwood beams come in different profiles and finishes: flat planed finished beams, rough or finely sawn beams. We offer a wide range of hardwood beams in various header sizes and in lengths of up to 7 meters! Are you, for example, building a pergola but you do not know how best to attach the hardwood beams? Or do you not know which fasteners you need? We can help with advice and tips


Hardwood beams or posts for a hardwood roofing we can deliver from stock in all kinds of specifications, from 100x100mm t / m 150x150mm in poles and in rules and beams from 45x70mm t / m beams 50 x 100, beams 50 x 150 and beams 50x200mm These hardwood poles and beams are finely sawn, so rough in a variant to obtain. The most common hardwood species are Angelim vermelho and Azobé, these poles are very cheap and very durable. We supply hardwood posts and beams in durability class 1 or 2, so this means that these posts are very durable. An example: hardwood poles of the wood species Angelim vermelho have an expected life of 25 years (for applications with ground contact) we always recommend beams hardwood and poles since the poles and the hardwood beams 9 times out of 10 are put in the ground and hardwood can offer the most resistance compared to eg impregnated pine or larch / Douglas fir. For a ring beam you can choose a cheap solution by choosing spruce but if you want a neat finish we advise you to choose a beautiful hardwood beam. This can be as mentioned earlier in various trade sizes. If you want more information about our cheap beams for a roof or other products and their application, download our free assembly and product manuals.


Hardwood Discount is open every working day from 8.00 to 17.00 hours. You have a question about a specific type of wood such as Azobe or Douglas fir and want someone to speak about it personally or you want to have certain information in black and white, please mail us at info@hardhoutdiscount.nl or call +31 (0)88 -6441200