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Do you want a beautiful garden fence made of wood? Then choose a wooden garden fence from Hardwood Discount. A garden fence comes in all shapes and sizes. You have plenty of choice because at Hardwood Discount you can go either way: curved or straight, a garden fence of hardwood or a suitable alternative. You can choose to make your own garden fence, or buy a ready-made product. Most people choose hardwood garden fencing in combination with a hardwood post, so you get a beautiful garden fence. 

This post is available in various profiles, thicknesses and lengths. A post is easy to install with an inexpensive auger, and the garden screens can be attached to the hardwood posts with simple clips. The best results are achieved by using planed posts. The thicker the post, the more robust the garden fence will be. If you choose a wood product from StarTimber, you have bought the best quality hardwood. A cover strip over the garden fences and posts gives a nicely framed end result, and also functions as a drainage strip. A cheaper alternative is to choose Douglas fir, which has a fine wood grain that makes it very suitable for use in fences and shelters. Douglas-fir is also used for other construction work for outdoor applications.


At Hardwood Discount you will learn everything about garden fences, and you will find all kinds of manuals and info and tips. The handy calculator shows quickly and easily your choice. And of course you can find all necessary products in our range. We help you advise and buy the products at hardwood Discount is easy and safe and 24 hours after you order you can already start working! The most simple and inexpensive way is to make a garden fence of a few poles in the ground and here some slats to nail, but screwing is better. Please note that pre-drilling is necessary for hardwood. The art of installing cheap wooden garden fences has evolved. We have a good assembly manual, so anyone can install a wooden garden fence in a cheap way. There are many different possibilities of using wood in a garden fence, from sturdy and robust, from classic to modern, from sleek or proper and playful finishes. From wood you can make anything.

Choose a beautiful hardwood garden fence or a cheap alternative in larch or Douglas fir. Both give the wood a beautiful natural wooden look. Most of the wood used in planed garden fencing boards and screens comes from Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. The very favorable strength properties and high durability makes not all wood species are suitable. Hardwood Discount has knowledge and experience in the products we offer cheap online. We ensure that you can buy the best materials for the lowest prices. We take care of you so you only have to choose which wood colour you want. Our calculator and construction guides ensure that you always get the best and cheapest result. All wood can turn grey under the influence of rain, sun and air. If you want to prevent this, you should treat the wood with special oil or varnish. This also gives an extra protection to the wood of your garden fence. Of course do not forget to order the fasteners such as the corners and screws. Besides garden fence boards and screens Hardhout Discount also provides wooden decking boards and wood for building a roof or gazebos. On our site you will find a complete and customer-friendly overview of our range.

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You can choose from various garden fences such as a garden fence or a garden fence straight, which are offered in hardwood. Hardwood has a long life, it lasts at least 20 years or more. Larch and Douglas fir are less durable woods. These normally last about 10 to 15 years. Pine or spruce wood only lasts 3 years, so all in all hardwood or Douglas fir is a better product for a longer life.

Wood that is in the ground will be affected more quickly than wood that is processed above ground. The different soil compositions in the Netherlands can have a negative or positive influence on the durability and therefore the life span.

Hardwood has a denser structure than oak or Douglas fir, which increases the weight and lifespan of the garden fence.




25 years or longer

very durable


15 – 25 years



10 – 15 years

moderately durable 


5 – 10 years

slightly durable


5 jaar or less

not durable 



The calculator of Hardwood Discount calculates exactly how many posts, fences or fence boards and screws you need for your garden fence. You never pay too much and you always buy cheap but good wood products. Of course you can also ask us a question online or get advice by phone.

You can easily order the products of your choice, perhaps a beautiful and cheap wood fence online in our webshop. Our low rate free delivery, saves you money. Of course we always have an extra attractive offer in the outlet store and do not forget we are the cheapest online shop. In our webshop you will find almost everything on wood for your garden or terrace. You can pay in a very safe environment. We offer you the possibility to pay with Ideal, visa, mastercard or with afterpay. We deliver the ordered wood with a crane to your door. 

Would you like to receive a free sample of the wood species with regard to the installation or assembly of garden fence planks or garden fence? Perhaps to simplify the choice of a wood species and to get a better idea of weight, structure and colour? Or just to compare whether it is the same garden fence as the neighbours have? That is of course possible for free at Hardhout Discount. Simply request it via our site.


Hardwood Discount is open every working day from 8.00 to 17.00 hours. Do you have questions about a garden fence or other questions following your visit to our web shop? Please contact us, mail info@hardwooddiscount.co.uk or call +31 01429 650155