Fence cover strip

If you are going to build a fence, a cover strip is recommended.

The cover strip ensures that the rain drainage takes place properly. A cover strip protects your wood against the natural elements such as sun and rain. The ends of a fence board are vulnerable to cracking. By mounting the cover strip on top of the fence, the durability of the wood is extended. A cover strip fence looks beautiful and gives a good finish. Cover strips are available in various profiles and sizes. The most common cover strip has a groove milled into the wood. This allows the cover strip to fall a good centimetre or two over the ends of the fence planks or the ready-made fence. A cover strip is also available for arched garden fences. These are arched in the shape of the garden fence. Making a cover strip fence yourself is not easy. The cheapest solution is to mount a lath, beam or plank on the fence. It does not fall completely around the planks, but the cover strip covers the planks. A cover strip should be screwed to the fence wood with enough screws. Every 30 cm a long stainless steel screw is recommended, for a stable result. The cover strip also gives more stability to the whole fence. Finished cover strips are always the length of the fence, so 1.80 meters long.

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