Douglas wood lifespan

Do you want to build a structure from Douglas-fir? Then it is likely that you will want to know more about the lifespan of this European softwood. This will enable you to estimate the lifespan of Douglas fir decking, a fence or a Douglas fir roof.

To learn more about the lifespan, it is wise to look at the durability class of the wood. Douglas wood is classified in class 3 in terms of durability. This means that the wood will last approximately 10 to 15 years in an outdoor environment.


The above lifespan is based on untreated wood. This means that no stain, paint or oil has been used. The life span of treated Douglas fir can be extended by treating the wood and repeating the treatment regularly. Oil should be applied every year, while stain or paint should be applied every 2 or 3 years.

Do you place untreated Douglas fir in the ground? Then the lifespan can be greatly reduced. We therefore recommend the use of concrete bases when installing Douglas fir posts in the ground. Let the concrete posts protrude approximately 15 centimetres above the ground. In this way, the wood does not come into contact with the ground and the lifespan remains as expected.


As you can see, the lifespan of Douglas fir is excellent and it is possible to build countless Douglas fir structures. Would you like to build your own garden structure with Douglas fir, or do you prefer to choose another (hard) wood type? Then use the Calculator of Hardwood Discount to easily discover all the possibilities.