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Are you planning to buy wood for the renovation of a decking or gazebo or possibly to replace a fence? If so, buy hardwood at hardwood discount. We from hardwood discount supply various hardwood products for the garden and ground and water applications.

The garden is for many people a place to relax and enjoy, with family or perhaps with a few friends having a drink on a new terrace of Hardwood Discount. More and more, we want just as much comfort and cosiness outside as inside. Buying hardwood is of course best done with the products of Hardwood Discount.

Our outlet 

The supply on our timber trade outlet site consists of one-off batches and residual batches of timber.

Although we update this site daily, it is possible that a particular lot has just been sold. Behind the scenes, we continue to work hard to be able to offer outlet parties wood at very competitive prices. This often concerns one-time batches or leftovers, our products are also sometimes offered under the search term auction hardwood, auction hardwood rates are always a few percent more expensive, since there is an intermediary between. All articles in this category can be removed from our assortment at any time. Here we use therefore very transparent the rule: OP=OP! It sometimes happens that a supplier decides to remove products from his range. This makes it necessary for us to sell the stock, even though we believe that the products are of excellent quality. In some cases, the products are slightly damaged, which makes us offer them extra cheap. Sometimes, however, we have been able to buy up a very high-quality batch of wood or composite for a nice price. We then sell these to our customers at a very attractive rate! On our webshop you can buy wood, under the main menu outlet you will find our clearance products.

Why Hardwood Discount?

The hardwood products we provide meet the European legislation (EUTR). buy wood so do you at Hardwood Discount because we have the conscious choice to make sustainability one of the priorities within our company to make. We not only stand for the quality of our products and a high service level to our customers, but also to promote sustainably produced hardwood. This means, among other things, that we have made it our goal not to trade in wood that originates from illegal logging. Did you know that we are also a sales point of startimber? For more information, please visit the website of startimber www.startimber.nl.

We regularly visit our producers and sawmills in Africa and Brazil to make sure that they obtain their wood legally and within the laws and regulations of that country, so we buy wood in a responsible way.

We also make every effort to comply with European hardwood import legislation. This process initiated by the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) ensures demonstrable verification of legal logging. Our producers are all in possession of the sustainable forest management certificate, so buy wood that has been obtained legally! You can find sustainable hardwood products on our webshop.

Finally, during the production and development of our products, we work collegially with the producer in order to organise the production and the working conditions in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Be convinced and go buy your wood online at Hardwood Discount.

Garden wood information

Wood comes from trees. The structure of the tree is designed for rapid transport of nutritional juices in the direction of the fibre and a more dosed and selective juice transport in the direction perpendicular to it. As a result, heartwood easily absorbs a lot of water and can spread it over a relatively long length in the wood. The removal of the moisture to the wood surface, where it can evaporate to the air, must take place in the direction perpendicular to the fibre direction. This is a much slower process. In other words, wood gets wet quickly by absorption and then dries slowly and will remain damp in places for a long time. To prevent this, it is wise to protect end-grain wood against this continuous process of absorption. This can be done by covering the ends of the wood and by covering the underside with a good protective layer in the form of a coating.

You can do this by using special holders or by pouring the poles into concrete. Buying wood or related articles is easy online at hardwood discount. Domestic hardwood is expected to become increasingly rare and therefore more expensive. Buy hardwood at a competitive price and under the best conditions at hardwood discount. The big rivers get more and more water. As a result, hardwood trees such as oak, ash and beech are moving to drier areas, further away from the rivers. They cannot cope with all that water. Hardwood tree species, on the other hand, are less able to withstand high water. Oak, ash and beech are particularly damaged by flooding during the growing season. This increases their risk of dying.

Hardwood Discount aims to always buy sustainably harvested and produced timber and buy sustainably harvested and produced timber is what you do on our webshop. Sustainable forestry has a felling cycle of 30 years. In principle, sustainable wood can be produced indefinitely without harming the population. Wood that finds its way to you as a private person in the form of sustainable garden wood. By producing in this way, the population will benefit from this infinite source of income for many years to come. In addition, your children and grandchildren will benefit for many years from this endless source of beautiful, affordable and natural garden wood.

Easy online ordering

Buy wood? You can easily order the products of your choice, perhaps a nice terrace, online in our webshop. Sale of roofing, pergola or a possible new fence, you will find everything clear and recognizable. Payment is done in a very safe environment. We offer you the possibility to buy and pay with Ideal, visa, mastercard or with afterpay. You do not need to provide a release option, Hardwood Discount always ensures that this is arranged for you. We also have the Thuiswinkel Certificate, the General Conditions Home Shopping offer you as a consumer more guarantees than the law. So buy safe and reliable wood? Then look at our webshop for all kinds of hardwood garden products.

Want to install a roofing by yourself? And no idea what you need?

We would be happy to help you with the explanation of how to install your roof or construct your terrace. You can use our calculator to calculate exactly how many poles, beams, planks, bolts and screws you need. This way you are always assured of a competitive offer combined with a top product! Cheap is not always expensive that we prove at Hardwood Discount. buy wood so you do simple online without too much fuss.

You can buy all products in wood on our site including the necessary accessories. Our decking boards, poles, planks you can buy but of course also the coasters, screws and root canvas. So you have all the necessities in the house and you can easily carry out your project. So buying wood is easy online at hardwood discount. Also check out our cheap hardwood offers for interesting deals.


Our offers are always clearly found under the main menu "outlet " here you will find our hardwood offer and you can buy wood for various products such as cheap fence, cheap boards, cheap beams, cheap floor plates etc etc. Read clearly the description of the product so you know what you buy and not later disappointed with the product, it may be that some things are so cheap that here and there something can be wrong. Hardwood Discount is also the cheapest timber outlet online! You can buy wood online in our webshop. also look at discount hardwood for interesting offers.


Teak is mainly used in the shipbuilding industry. Teak is often used on yachts. You also see a lot of teak in interior furniture. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to teak. You come across it with many indications, which simply means that it comes from a different place of origin. Here is also a difference in properties especially when it comes to the durability. Hardwood discount does not offer teak wood boards, poles, beams and floor plates. We offer better and cheaper alternatives for teak wood boards. Teak wood can not be found in the webshop. buy wood, look at the offer of hardwood for a nice offer. hardwood offer is always interesting for a big or small project why pay too much. buy wood online at hardwood discount.

Why wood?

Why should I choose wood over steel, plastic or concrete? This question we get more often, and especially why hardwood? Hardwood Discount finds it very important that we sell hardwood which is obtained in a legal way, by visiting our suppliers regularly. Wood has been used since the dawn of our civilization. It has been used in the past for so many different applications from wheels to bridges and houses and some things never change because still wood is the best raw material to use whether it is for durability, environmental impact or appearance, wood has significant advantages over all other materials that can be used such as plastic, steel and concrete.

Wood is sustainable

The term never run out of wood is a valid one. If we treat our forests well, we will never run out of wood. Wood is an inexhaustible raw material. We can cut down a tree as early as around the age of 20, and if we do not cut it down, nature itself will replant it.

Wood is CO2 stable

Wood is CO2 neutral. Wood stores CO2 during its growth period through photosynthesis, an average of 0.9 tonnes of CO2 per m3. Wood also has the advantage that it takes little energy to extract wood from the forests. We are talking about a difference in CO2 emissions of 1.1 tonnes per m3 compared to steel and concrete. Wood therefore reduces CO2 emissions by 2.0 tonnes when using 1 m3. Wood is therefore by far the best raw material and, as stated above, if we use it sparingly, we will never run out of wood!

Wood is safe

Wood has a fire retardant effect as it has a low thermal conductivity and charring only takes place on the surface. For this reason, many people choose wooden window frames, stairs and doors because of their demonstrably high fire safety. In addition, hardly any harmful gases are released when wood is burned.

Wood is insulating

Wood has very good insulating properties, due to its very unique cell structure. These values are, for example, 15 times lower than those of concrete and 400 times lower than those of steel. And 1770 times lower than that of aluminium.

Wood is strong

Wood is very strong due to its relatively low weight compared to other materials and is therefore often used for construction work.

Wood is versatile

You can make anything out of wood, well almost anything. Wood is versatile. Recently, we saw a wooden bicycle or a wooden watch on the internet. It just goes to show that anything is possible with wood. So don't hesitate anymore when it comes to wood. For questions feel free to mail us info@hardwooddiscount.co.uk

Wood can be maintained

Wood is easy to maintain and damage is easy to repair. As long as it is maintained in good time. A different colour is easily achieved.

Wood is recyclable and biodegradable

No other material can be recycled as well as wood. The recycling process does not require the use of large amounts of energy. If wood is not recycled, it can be used to produce green energy. So old wood is also used again. The amount of CO2 released in the process is no more than the amount stored in the wood during growth. This makes the use of wood for energy completely CO2-neutral. Wood is also fully biodegradable, so that future generations will not be saddled with waste from 'our' era. Consider, for example, used sheet piling that can be reinstalled if the part above ground is removed from the board

Wood is beautiful and warm

Wood is a natural product and has a warm and beautiful appearance of its own.

Wood is environmentally friendly

The production of the raw material wood does not require a large amount of energy. By using wood for decking, fences and doors, roofs and stairs, the environment is helped rather than polluted!

Free samples

Would you like to receive a free sample? That is possible just fill in our form and you will receive the sample by mail within 2 or 3 days. Please note that all samples are in envelope size. If you want a larger sample, we are unfortunately obliged to charge costs for delivery.