Barcode fence

IPE hardwood barcode fence
With us, you will find a wide range of products, including Ipe decking wood and fence slats. We believe Ipe wood is the ultimate choice when it comes to quality and durability. With a lifespan of as much as 30 years or more, Ipe wood offers unrivalled durability. The stable nature of Ipe wood makes it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether it is decking boards or slats for fences, Ipe wood delivers excellent performance. Our wide range in this hardwood species highlights our commitment to quality and versatility.

With its beautiful brown and light brown colour, even texture and fine grain, Ipe barcode wood exudes elegance. Moreover, the wood is extremely hard-wearing, strong and shows minimal movement. This means that your fence will not only look beautiful, but also stand the test of time. With us, you are guaranteed the best choice of wood. Discover the excellent properties of Ipe wood for yourself and let your projects flourish with this durable and high-quality hardwood.

This fence is completely closed, so no see-through is possible. With a single-sided fence, the back side is flat. From the back, you see the posts/poles and a wall of flat wood. With a double-sided fence, you have the wooden slats mounted on both sides and you can no longer see the posts from the back. The wood completely covers the posts.

We always supply barcode slats in long lengths
With us, we usually supply timber in one length, with the most common lengths being 2.50 metres or longer. Our boards have a tongue and groove on the long sides, which ensures a seamless and stable connection. There is no need for the ends of the boards to meet exactly on a horzontal beam. The specific length of timber supplied depends on the stock available at the time.

When mounting the vertical Ipe planks, the uprights will be completely covered. It is important to check each vertical row of slats using a spirit level. If necessary, you can correct any misalignment by not fully snapping the planks together, achieving some degree of correction. Remember to perform this step for an accurate and straightforward installation. The net width of both profiles is the same. Clicked together, they are 13.2 cm.

What all do you get supplied?
We have plenty of 3.00-metre-long hardwood fence posts in stock to supply with this fence. We also supply ample quantities of hardwood fence planks (slats) with a size of (slat fence size 2.1 x 14.0 cm). Enough screws + planks to mount the modern barcode slats/boards VERTIALLY.

With a single-sided fence, the boards are attached to one side of the posts, while with a double-sided fence both sides are covered with wooden boards. Whether you opt for a single-sided or double-sided wooden fence we ensure that enough posts, screws and wood are supplied to realise your garden project. This gives the fence a completely closed look and no one can see through it.

All boards have a tongue and groove on the long side, making them easy to stack and slide together for a fully enclosed fence. Thanks to the special barcode fence profile, it looks as if several with of beams have been mounted, when in reality it is a single plank 14.0 cm wide into which three beams have been milled. 

You will receive 2 different barcode fence boards that you can assemble as you see fit 50-50 split.  If you want to emulate the effect we have created in the photos, you mount: 2x wide profile, 1x narrow, 1x wide 2x narrow. But being creative in the pattern yourself is even more fun! The net width of both profiles is the same. Clicked together, they are 13.2 cm.