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At Hardwood Discount I ordered a veranda with different sizes. The standard roof did not fit in my garden. For Hardwood Discount it was no problem to make a roof with the sizes that were suitable for my garden. The beauty of this roof is that it is made with mortise and tenon joints. The floor is finished with Ipe decking, screwed invisibly. The steel doors to close the roof are on order. The advantage is that everything is ordered at Hardwood Discount.

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Customised gardenroom

Dimensions to choose
Construction drawing
Douglas fir or Oak
With mortise and tenon joint

Posts: 15x15 or 18x18 cm
Traditional: Mortise and tenon joint
Building plan: All timber is numbered
Assembly:  Quick and easy
We calculate: Each model

IPE decking 2.1 x 14.0 cm

IPE Wood click system
Deck fastening Long lengths
Thickness: 2.1 cm
With: 14.0 cm
Length: 1.80 m1
Free: Screws + Clips