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We have bought a roofing in oak, model Dennis 4.3 x 8 m1. We met this company a year ago, when we bought a hardwood Bankirai decking. We had an addition to get 2 extra uprights, which is super handled and realized. We are not finished yet, but the thatcher has been and it is starting to take shape. The handy construction drawing and the construction kit were easy to follow and to set up. We have been busy for 4 Saturdays with 3 people. We were glad that we were 3 strong men, because the beams are of great weight. We had the window frames and glass placed. We want to thank through this message Hardhout Discount for the beautiful roof. The decking was already installed a year ago from Ipe wood.

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Roof dennis with pointed roof

Timber framing, Dennis with pointed roof

4.30 x 8.00 m1
Made to measure
Practical construction drawing
Douglas fir or oak wood
Pin and hole connection
 18 x 18 cm uprights