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We are fortunate to have a very spacious garden at our disposal. We wanted to enjoy the possibilities this garden has to offer all year round. We started looking for multifunctional shelters, which we could use every season. Through Hardhout Discount we came to the calculator. Here we could easily start designing the perfect garden veranda ourselves. 

Yet we wanted something different than standard. The customer service assisted well with us during the design process. We sent them a sketch and received feedback. After approving the construction drawing it took 8 weeks before we received the construction kit. Our carpenter did a fantastic job. He was very pleased with the quality and the construction manual that was delivered. Now that the roofing is in place, we are very satisfied. It turned out beautifully and we enjoy it almost daily.

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Calculating tool

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Customised gardenroom

Made to measure
Practical construction drawing
Douglas fir or oak wood
Pin and hole connection
 15 x 15 or 18 x 18 cm uprights