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We are market leader in Ipe hardwood, and Oak Canopies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have warehouses in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our headquarters is located in an old warehouse in the Netherlands, that has been completely rebuilt and furnished with historical building materials. Our new industrial building is completely CO2 neutral.

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dining room tree tables, the demand for a similar coffee table has grown. We have a coffee table made from a tree trunk with matching lower frames. We sell tree trunk coffee tables with varnish or just sanded so that you can treat the coffee table tree trunk yourself.

Small models tree trunk coffee table

We sell small size tree trunk tables. This can be suitable as a coffee table, sink table, or tree trunk side table. These small tables are very suitable for the do-it-yourselfer, you can make almost anything from wood.

Longer lengths of tree trunk tables

Tree trunk tables as desk

A tree trunk table as a desk in your office is very suitable. This can be straight cut or with tree bark. A tree trunk table always gives atmosphere to your office or canteen.

Preparing a coffee table, the process


We sand the tree trunk table until it is completely smooth. Optionally, a treatment with several layers of invisible matte varnish can be chosen.

Because oak and hardwood table tops are a natural product, some care is required.  Wood can always have a crack or slight movement, that is the charm of wood. If you choose not to assemble the top immediately, our advice is to store the top inside and in a cool room, this will prevent warping. It is best to screw the tops directly onto a solid base or bracket. Should you wish to place your coffee table outdoors, you can also view our tree trunk garden tables.


Do I choose a hardwood or an Old Oak tree trunk coffee table?

An Old Oak tree trunk table has a different weight, and is therefore lighter than a hardwood tree trunk table. This oak table also has a different look than the hardwood version. Hardwood can be finished off smoother because of the finer grain. Oak has a coarse grain structure, but can also be finished smoothly. European oak or French oak is a naturally hard wood, but hardwood is harder than oak. Tropical wood is heavier and therefore more resistant to wear, we call this hufter proof wood. Oak tabletops have their own robust appearance, which gives them a different look than hardwood. We deliberately do not sell teak trunk tables, as the quality of these tables is much lower than old oak or hardwood.

Both hardwood and oak need to be dried well, if they are to be used as table tops for indoor use. If oak and hardwood have not been dried properly, cracks and instabilities can occur in the wood, there is then a chance of twisting and cracking. Oak is cheaper wood than hardwood, per table this is reflected in the price. Your choice of budget and personal taste will be the deciding factor.

Our carrier has a long large truck and delivers the table or table tops. This truck is equipped with a mobile forklift truck. The driver can drive to the place where a mobile forklift truck can be used to place the table. The driver is alone, and has no extra person with him, to place the coffee table for you.



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