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Every garden can use a nice terrace. Hardwood decking boards give your garden a warm, peaceful and cosy atmosphere. Unlike stone or natural stone, a wooden deck does not retain heat for long, hardwood decking feels comfortable under your (bare) feet. Hardwood Discount delivers these terrace boards cheap. If you want to start with the construction of cheap hardwood deck boards, make a construction sketch in advance. Or use the handy decking calculator of Hardwood Discount.

The construction of a wooden deck with decking boards requires some preparation. If you have a clear idea of the size of the decking to be installed in the garden, you can easily order the decking boards via the calculator. You can choose the colour of the decking boards. The choice of the width of the decking boards also determines the final result. A hardwood decking board with narrower sections makes a small garden optically larger. Broad decking boards, on the other hand, create a completely different atmosphere. You do not have to worry about the quality and price with us. Just make the right choice of profile, colour and width of the decking board. We will take care of everything and advise you. Of course, we deliver everything directly to your door. 


Terrace boards form the basis of the entire terrace: the place where you can sit and live comfortably. It is therefore important to take the right location into account when planning your terrace. Below you will find advice so that you can easily make the right choices. 

Do not start right away, but first make a sketch of the garden. Also consider carefully which machines and equipment you will need to install decking boards. Make sure you have the right tools, such as a good hammer, drill, spirit level and spacing line. To build a terrace you will need the decking boards, but also the beams under the terrace, the decking screws and possibly anti-root sheeting. Always make sure that you work out several locations in the garden and consider the purpose of laying the decking. Consider what the best location is that suits your requirements, such as the amount of sunshine, or a shady location.  

If there is a wooden floor in the house, then choosing a hardwood decking board from Hardwood Discount.nl is a good choice. Extend your living room and let the wood from inside to outside continue. So it seems later as if the floor is extended from inside to outside. Choose the decking board that best matches the colour of your indoor floor. This will not only create a beautiful terrace, but once the decking is installed, the room will also appear larger.

Always oil the wooden decking boards that are installed outside. Otherwise after a few months the wood will turn grey. This is a natural process that always occurs with wood. The combination of rain and sun causes the wood to grey. At least twice a year, but we recommend 3 to 4 times a year, you should oil your hardwood decking. By treating the wood you nourish the product, which provides an even longer life. Wood that has already turned grey cannot be brought back to its natural colour. So grey wood remains grey wood, this is not reversible.


If you choose to install wooden deck boards in an area of the garden that gets little sun, or near trees, eventually algae will form and this can cause slippery conditions. We recommend that you clean your wooden deck boards twice a year to remove these algae deposits. Buy a cleaning agent that is suitable for this purpose.

Always bear in mind when drawing up the construction sketch that power is often required for the decking boards. Making a decking is not complicated, just think about how you want it. Even if you have not planned for a power point yet, it is still wise to prepare the power supply under the decking boards. Make a clear note on the construction sketch where you indicate where the electricity cable is located. Then you can easily and inexpensively continue to install the power later.


  • North-east facing garden: often sun in the morning and in the evening, in the afternoon mainly shadow
  • Southwest garden: most of the sun in the garden, mostly from the afternoon onwards
  • South-facing garden: the garden with the most sun hours, from the morning until late in the afternoon


Think carefully about how big a terrace you want. If you want to place a garden set, make the terrace wide enough. Nothing is as annoying as someone sitting with a chair half in the ground and half on the terrace. In a smaller garden, make sure that the decking is an important part of your overall garden, this will give space and unity.

Most decking boards form a decking of a size between 12 and 20 square metres. If the decking is higher or lower than the adjacent paving, this can be less practical than previously thought. We recommend, also for safety reasons, that no height differences are created between the wooden decking and the surrounding area. See the installation manual for how easy it is to install a decking board.


Our decking boards come from Indonesia, Cameroon and Brazil. Bankirai is one of the best known hardwoods on the market. Bankirai (Balau - Selangabatu / Shorea) is widely sold as a decking board. Bankirai wood has a volumetric mass of between 850 and 1400 kg per m3. Our decking boards have a high weight, which makes them extra durable. Initially the decking boards have a yellow-brown colour, but under the influence of rain, sun and air all the wood will turn grey. This can be counteracted by oiling or varnishing the wood immediately after installation of the decking.

Besides hardwood decking boards Hardwood Discount also provides hardwood fences, garden screens and hardwood for building a roof or gazebo. On our site you will find a complete overview of our assortment.

Read our tips for building a terrace. For information on post spacing, the number of posts required, the number of decking boards and the number of screws, you will find plenty of information on our website. Make it easy on yourself by using our calculator. If you order from the webshop, you do not want to go to the local building or timber store again for the last few parts. If you use our calculator, you will not be short of anything.


The decking boards we sell must comply with the European legislation (EUTR). Hardwood Discount has made the conscious choice to make sustainability one of the spearheads within our company. We do not only deliver quality. But also strive for a very high service level. We promote the production of sustainably produced hardwood.

We regularly visit our producers and sawmills in Germany, Africa and Brazil to ensure that all our hardwood is processed in the right way. This must be done within the laws and regulations that have been drawn up.

European legislation has been in place for a number of years now. The rules for importing hardwood have been tightened. The so-called Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). These regulations ensure that there is control over legal logging. All our producers have this sustainable forest management certificate.

Finally, in the production and development of our products, we work collegially with the producer in order to organise the production and also the working conditions in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.


You can easily order all products, so a beautiful terrace with our decking boards, online in our webshop. We have almost for your garden or terrace. You can pay in a very safe environment. Pay with iDEAL, Visa, Mastercard or AfterPay. We also have the Thuiswinkel Waarborg certificate.


Would you like to receive a free sample? Feel and smell the wood for a good experience. This makes it easier for you to make the right choice in wood type. Or just compare the profile with previously purchased wood. We will deliver a free sample to you! You can easily request it via our site. 


We are happy to help you install your fence, roofing, or installing your decking boards. Use our calculator to work out exactly how many posts, decking boards, beams, bolts or screws you will need. This way you will never buy too much wood or spend too much money.

You can buy all products on our site including the necessary accessories. You can buy our decking boards separately. But of course we also offer pads, screws and e.g. root canvas. So you have all the necessities in the house and you can easily build your own terrace. Hardwood Discount provides all decking cheap.



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